Trusting My Gut While I Wait for the Vote

Waiting for the vote today. I read in a news article, Boston Globe I think it was, that the votes aren’t counted until January 6. I don’t know if we’ll know the outcome before the two houses of Congress count the votes. It’s such a long shot…. Still it might be our last best hope to keep him out of office. After that, they will have to begin to find reasons to impeach him. Which, in my mind, shouldn’t be hard. I’m sure it’s much harder than I think, although look how stupid the accusation against Bill Clinton was compared to the some of the overtly treasonous stuff Trump has done.

God help us all, is all I can say.

C texted me last night, and we made plans to go out tonight. We’re just going for an early fish and chips dinner somewhere. I hope he lets me pay half this time, I don’t want to feel obligated. He’s a very nice guy and I like him, but honestly, a couple other guys have shown interest in me, and I feel much more attracted to them than to him. Nice and kind and good manners are nice, but I just don’t feel any spark towards him. He’s more in the friends only category right now, though I am open-minded. Tonight might be our last date, idk. I have actually considered canceling the date. My gut is telling me it will be the last date, that there’s not a real connection, and I learned with the date from hell a couple weeks ago that I should trust my gut. We’ll see how it goes.

At any rate, it will be the last date for more than a week, most likely. I will be at my sisters Friday through Monday. I’ll probably come home early Tuesday morning, to get the house ready to have new windows put in Wednesday. Pretty excited about that.

It’s so warm down here, I feel for my friends up north. It was 70 when I got up, so I’m out on the deck under the banyan tree, in just my nightgown, listening to squirrels cluck as they run up and down the tree, and birds chirping.

It’s a peaceful life. Love and light.


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