Getting a Happiness Break

We’re getting a break from the sunshine this morning, though I’m sure it won’t last. It’s warm, 71 at 6:30. But very cloudy, dark. I think it’s really the kind of clouds you get from fog. I would guess it’s quite foggy over the water. There’s a hint of a breeze.

The guy I messaged with yesterday called me last night. I’ll call him GG. In regard to Mercury retrograde, he did have a hard time connecting to me on the phone! Got a wrong number, and then called while I was talking to my electrician. But we finally connected when I called him back. We talked for an hour and a half. It was nice to talk to someone as forthcoming as I am. Maybe it’s because he’s an Aries also. He continues to tell good stories, and he laughs often and easily. He has a family he loves, a daughter, siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews. Lots of friends it seems.

That all bodes well for us getting along. He seems to want to include me, once we get to know each other, in that life. He talks about my coming up to his town, going kayaking with him in the bay near his house and even out into the Gulf. I used to kayak in another life, when I lived on the lake. My son and I would go together. But I told him I’ll need a refresher course, it’s been more than 10 years for me. I told him a little about Gulfport, he’s 22 miles away but never been here.  He wants to come here too, and check it out.

He made me laugh when he told me I was a much better-looking person than him.  LOL.  I said, “that’s cuz you’re a guy!  I think you are very good looking!”  He laughed, but there seemed to be an energetic blush in the laugh, if you know what I mean.

When we hung up he texted me, that he is really excited to meet me now that we’ve talked. I’m not sure when we’ll meet, but I’m going to see if he can do Wednesday this week, day after tomorrow. I’d like to meet him before Christmas, since I’ll be gone for a few days then.

I’ll be leaving for my sisters Friday, and back Monday night or Tuesday. Then Wednesday next week I will get my new windows. I hate to put off meeting him til then. But it is what it is. We agreed to keep talking til we meet to get to know each other better.

Seems like a real guy, honest, comfortable in his own skin, and emotionally available. The signs are all pointing in the right direction.  Maybe my string of bad luck has ended?

As for my electrician, he called because my bank bounced the check to him! I wrote a couple weeks ago, how they bounced my tax check. My account number would not come up when a check was entered, but it would connect through my debit card or an EFT. Weird. I gave him my debit card on the phone, and he called me back while I was talking to GG to tell me that it was declined. That has to be a number wrong. I used the card multiple times yesterday. I called him back to tell him, but it went to voice mail. I’ll contact him again today. I feel bad, he did such a nice thing taking care of me so quickly. More Mercury retrograde problems, really.

This morning I’m going to the Fresh Market in town. It’s got food at it, produce and other hand-made goods, but also crafters. I want to see what I can find for my sister and her hubby. I have bought them both a book, recommendations of my sister, they both read incessantly. They’ve done so much for me though, I’d like to get them something special, a surprise.

The washer/dryer are coming between 1 and 5 today. Very excited about that! My laundry is piling up, lol. I hope there are no retrograde issues with it! It’s been hard enough!

I’m sorry the Electoral College voted for Trump. I’m sad about it. But I expected that they would. I guess now we just hold onto our seats, and go for the ride. And if the chance comes along to push the emergency stop, we push it collectively.

As a whole, I am feeling very happy this morning. The energy is full of possibilities, good things are happening this week. The winter solstice, Christmas, maybe a date that will be a lot of fun. If not this week, then soon.

Love and light everyone.

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