My 2nd Blog, and My FB Page

About a year ago I started a second blog, Live Like Water 2. I was posting in it for awhile to keep a couple people from reading my thoughts, and my heart. It began to feel like censorship so I stopped. Recently though, I have not felt completely free to tell my story, to work things out the way I do, here. Even though I have, I dislike doing it, because those same two people still read the blog (or were reading it last I heard). And I’ve had enough of not being able to put my feelings down without tempering them to avoid an ugly situation.

The 2nd blog is private. You have to request access. If you type in (with no spaces of course) www. Livelikewater 2. wordpress. Com you will get a link to click on a request. I will get it in my email, and then allow it. I can’t put up the link here, because it would provide immediate access. I will still post here, but not so much personal stuff.

I also wanted to tell my new followers that I have a FB page called Living Like Water. This is the link to that: I’d be honored if you checked it out and liked it. It’s mostly a spiritual, energy kind of page. I don’t post a whole ton of stuff on it, but I get some good feed sometimes, and may be posting more in the future.

Love and light all.

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