The Date…

Since I’ve been obsessing a little about this date, I figured I should, as Laurel says, dish a little.  LOL.

I had a really nice day today with GG. He bought me lunch, I bought us ice cream. We walked and talked. He is astute and notices everything, and has things to say about them. Not to show his smarts, which he has, but just to discuss what he’s seeing. He’s an interesting guy, a mix of country boy and college grad. Played drums and bass fiddle in a country string band for years, 17 years. Traveling all over the east, and eastern Canada.

We went over to a nature park in town at Clam Bayou, which is an estuary kind of, off the bay here. They have a launch for kayaks, so he is planning to bring his kayak one day, and we’ll go out and kayak through. We were sitting on a bench at the top of a hill overlooking the bayou, which I’m guessing is the only hill in Pinellas County, lol, and talked for a long time. We walked out on a fishing pier that extends into the bayou and a school of big fish, at least 2′ long, were madly jumping out of the water. It was wild! He was hesitant to show affection, and it was king of cute. LOL. When he was leaving he began to walk out the door, and I said, “Aren’t you even going to give me a hug?” He said he wasn’t sure I wanted one. So he came back in and hugged me and kissed me too, nice kisses. I liked kissing him. But let it go at that…..

I guess the next time we meet will be up where he lives, so he can take me kayaking out on the bay there, or maybe just show me the town, Idk. But while sparks didn’t fly, we enjoyed each other’s company. We have a lot in common, it seems. We both love chocolate, lol.

It was a cool cloudy day until about 2, when the sun came out and it warmed right up from the 60’s to the low 70’s. Still…I’m saying cool, I was still in a skort, and t-shirt, with a light sweater. Lots to do before I go to my sisters for Christmas. A little more baking, and tomorrow night is open mic night. Who knows, the keyboard player I met Sunday may show up, that would be nice. I liked him a lot too.

This dating thing can be fun. The right one will come along, may have already and I just don’t know it! LOL.

Love and light.


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