Living the Rough Life :)

Last night we all (all my friends and I) went to the open mic night. I was the first one there, of my girlfriends, because the others had gone to the somewhere close by to practice a song they were all singing together. So I sat down with the guys we hang out with, next to my good friend that took a walk with me last week, and the guy my friend Beth dates once in awhile. The guys had pushed enough tables together so 8 people could fit around it, and there were a bunch of the musicians there too, that I’ve come to know as friends. Anyway, the girls got there soon, and people came and went, we ended up with more tables pushed together, there were about a dozen of us, on and off.

My old bff from Iowa’s boyfriend came and sat with us. It was crazy, having 3 of us from the same small town in Iowa there! She’s coming to visit in a couple weeks with another of our Iowa friends. I have some good times with old old friends to look forward to.

The music was great. We’ve had a couple of new people performing for the last few weeks, different but good. They had so many performers last night, it ran kind of late. I love the relaxed atmosphere of the place.

Afterward my two friends came back to my house. We exchanged cookies, and just sat and talked in my kitchen for about an hour. It was good to catch up. It feels good to have my friends in my kitchen, you know? It seems like all my life, we have, my friends and I, ended up in the kitchen. Love sitting around my kitchen table with people I love and talking. It was late when they left, we were all beat. I went right to bed and would have slept through the night I think, had it not been for a bug bite from what they call “no-see-ums” down here. Teeny bugs you never see but that bite and the bite is worse than a mosquito. It was on my ankle, and I couldn’t get it to stop itching. I put cortisone on it, and finally after about an hour it stopped, and I fell into a dead sleep for about 6 hours.

Today, I’ll be packing up my stuff to go to my sisters for a wonderful family Christmas. It’s supposed to be warm, up to almost 80. I’ll be at the pool this afternoon, living the rough life, lol.

Love and light, everyone.

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