Laid-Back Christmas Eve


We’re having such a laid-back Christmas. I’m just loving it. Neighbors drop by, but there are no big dinners to make, no airport runs. We miss Mom a lot, but as my sister just said, she was struggling so much, it was much easier to let her go, and know she’s in a place now where there is no pain, and where she can talk. I remember going to the psychic a couple months after she passed, and the psychic identified a female spirit, older, who was talking incessantly. I laughed because not that Mom talked all the time, but because the stroke left her unable to speak intelligibly, she was now saying all the things she couldn’t say for 18 months. It was so like her, to make sure we knew what she was trying to tell us.

So, we are sitting around Christmas Eve morning. Having coffee, writing, doing crossword puzzles, just kind of planning our weekend loosely. “Should I make the angel food cake today? Or tomorrow?” My sister’s home has become my 2nd home, changing from the vacation spot I used to wait all year to come to. I know the lay of the kitchen now. And laundry room. I am part of the morning routine.

Don’t we all have a morning routine? Mine is make coffee, check my sugar levels, get my meds, and then sit down and sip my coffee while I read my email, check my blog, my FB page, so a morning meditation and write. The writing kind of sets me up for the day, helps me to center and ground myself. I like to do it after my meditation, often, because I think I write better when I have cleared my mind that way.

I’ve been so upset that they (I don’t even know who “they” are) rounded up the peacocks over the summer and took them away. My sister said there are about 10 left though. I’ve seen one. She told me a couple of them have been roosting in the big tree just outside her fence. I’m happy to hear that, because if there are 10, then they can multiply. Maybe the intention was just to thin them down.

I know that they did choose some people’s property over others to hang out with. And I imagine that they might get to be an annoyance, to have to clean up after them all the time. I know there was one house that was raised on stilts, as all newer houses here have to be because the ocean surrounds this narrow strip of land, that the peacocks loved to lay under the house, and hang out in the shade it provided. And yes, they can be noisy at 4 AM, but to me, it was a sound of Florida and I didn’t mind at all.

But still, it has always been magical to me that there were peacocks running wild here. When I would come in mating season, the males would strut around with their glorious tail feathers splayed. The first time my sis and brother-in-law drove me to their house from the airport, I remember seeing them, and saying, “Oh…..Everyone should live where peacocks roam wild.” They are just magical, beautiful creatures to me, and people are lucky to have them here.

But I do remember people telling me Canadian geese were wonderful and beautiful too, in the 30 years I lived on a lake in New England. And I said, yes, because you don’t have 30 of them in your yard, eating and pooping. Totally killed the grass on my property by the lake. And running to the water from the house barefoot was out of the question. So, the rational part of my mind gets the issues with the peacocks. But I still miss them.

Love and light everyone.

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