So Blessed to Have My Life Turn Out This Way

I am at my sister’s house. In the arms of my family. Sigh…big sigh. It’s so good to be with people who have known you your whole life, and love you in spite of it.

I got here about 3, after running a bunch of errands, doing a load of laundry. We sat and talked for a bit, then put on our bathing suits about to go in the pool, when 2 of my sisters close friends, now also good friends of mine, came over. We had a glass of wine, a little smoke, and some snacks, and sat and talked for a long time. I never did get in the pool, lol. It was around 80, and seems so crazy 2 days before Christmas. The weekend is supposed to be warmer.

My brother-in-law took us out to dinner, for lobster rolls. They make them with lobster salad here. In New England we are purists, it’s just junks of lobster with drawn butter. But they were still really good. It was warm enough tonight to sit outside, with a light breeze blowing, on the water, in shorts and a t-shirt. Just so lovely. I pinch myself every day, to think that my life turned out this way, after all the dark days with my ex, and then S. Really feel blessed.

Also nice to put the dating thing on hiatus. I just don’t feel like dealing with it at the moment. I had such a good time last night at open mic by myself, talking to my friends. Maybe I just need to leave it alone for the time being.

Going to bed early tonight. I’m very tired from being out so late last night, and being up in the night with a bug bite driving me crazy. Plus I think I instantly relaxed getting here.

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