Merry Christmas, Everyone!


This was my last Christmas tree in CT, last year.

What a beautiful Christmas morning, here in the tropics. I went to sunrise at the town dock with my brother-in-law this morning. We laughed, because it is not all that spectacular when there isn’t a single cloud in the sky. Still, it was lovely to see it come up over the horizon, and talk to a few neighbors. Now I’m sitting outside by my sisters lemon and grapefruit trees inthe cool morning air, sipping my first cup of coffee.

I had a hard time getting in the spirit this year, because it is so foreign to me to have the weather so perfect, for me anyway, at Christmas. Though I do remember last year in CT it was 65, and my friends were water-skiing on the lake in town. In a Santa suit. They made the evening news, lol. But that’s so unusual. Usually it’s iceboats on the lake at Christmas.

I did finally, get into the spirit. At home I exchanged gifts with my two best friends there. Here at my sisters, friends drop by with cookies, and drinks, with santa hats on. People invite us to their homes for some cheer, and conversation. It’s the people, I’m coming to understand, not the weather.

I told my sister I feel like I almost have two homes now, because her friends have accepted me, and brought me into their lives. I feel like I fit here, and at my own home. I sleep so well here, I think it’s just having family around. Last night my sis sent all the kids (who are all adults) a pic of her and I and wished them Merry Christmas. Most of them answered back, as well as our younger sister who asked that we photoshop her into the picture, lol. I wish she was here. She’s such a loving soul, but also so funny. She’s coming in February and we can’t wait!

Well, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. And peace in your hearts. I’m so grateful for your guys who read my blog, and who comment on it. I have made so many good friends here. God bless. And if you don’t believe in God, then may the Universe bring you what you desire. I guess that’s true if you believe in God or not, lol. Much love and light to you all.

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