Wrapping up the Holiday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a very laid back day. The weather was awesome, again, today! Everyone was so loving it. Ate, and hung out and read, and did a little on-line shopping for a kitchen rug, and swam in the pool for a good half hour. Really swimming. Trying to burn off some of the Christmas calories. I haven’t gained anything so far, I’m kind of proud of that! Then we went to one of my sister’s friends house for a potluck, there were like 50 people from her neighborhood.

An amazing thing happened. One of my sister’s friends who has only lived here part time had her mother here with her. Come to find out her mother was my sisters and my home ec teacher in jr. high school (middle school) when we lived in Iowa!!!!! OMG!!! We took our picture with her, and talked about the other students, and teachers. I actually remembered her name!! It was incredible! What a small world.

I got to talk to my niece who was married a year ago. She and her hubby are so happy, I’m so happy for her! And got to facetime with my son, which was awesome. He’s so cute and handsome. LOL. And funny. Love that kid, and miss him so much. He seems happy, content with the way his life is going. We talked to our other sister in TX, and she’s coming up here in February. I can’t wait to see her, it’s been since June that we have all been together.

My sis and I are going shopping tomorrow. With the crowds. But we both need news shoes, and some jeans, and some personal items, lol. I have undergarments that don’t fit me any more because of the weight I’ve lost. Which is kinda cool, even though I don’t really want to spend the money. Still, it’s a new thing for me to be buying new clothes because my old ones are too big!

Merry Christmas, again, lol. Love and light, all.

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