Access To My Private Blog

About my 2nd blog, Live Like Water 2.  I generally only allow people access that 1.) I know from our interaction here, or at least 2.) have a current blog with many entries.  If you have never made yourself known to me, and are not a follower of this blog, I won’t be able to grant access. I do this for my own protection, to keep drama out of my life.  Someone whose name is Healingarys has requested access twice, and I cannot find a blog of that name, nor a comment ever.  If you are someone I know, please comment here and let me know who you are, so I can grant access.

2 responses to “Access To My Private Blog

    • ok…yes, because you have commented before, and because your blog goes back, I know you are who you say you are! LOL. Just type in this address (with no spaces) www. livelikewater2. com. You should get a request form and can send it in. Or you can email me your address at and I can invite you. Just make sure I can identify you as being from your blog. Sometimes the emails have nothing to do with the blog name, so just put in the subject line, It’s me the undertaker or something. 🙂

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