Waiting on Windows

I’m sitting out on my deck while they put the new windows in. Way too noisy in the house. I’m wishing I had a good rake, I could have done some work in the yard with the leaves. It is apparently a year round phenomenon with leaves here, at least on this banyan tree, that they just continually fall off.

Oh well. Make a list, I need a rake and a good push broom, so I can clean my deck off.

After I wrote the blog about access to my other blog today, I got a notice from WP that I had a new follower. I clicked on the link to go look at their blog, as I often do, and it had been deleted already. Who the hell follows a blog and then deletes their own? Just seemed odd. Like in the same breath almost? Then come to find out, someone else did it less than 24 hours ago. Wonder what that is all about?  Crazy. One of the mysteries of life. LOL.

My new windows are going in as I type this. I’m looking quite forward to having this done. I’ve been texting with Laurel, who says she’s going traveling with me. 🙂 I’ll told her if she goes, she has to eat something besides Boost, lol.

While I was sitting out here I called the power company about the power line that runs from my house to the pole in the back yard. It goes through branches of my tree, and through the palm tree. Apparently the homeowner is responsible here for trimming the trees from the house to the pole. But the power co. will come out and shut the power off and turn it back on when the trimming is done. So my handyman will have to give me a date he can do it, and I’ll get that all scheduled. Then fix my gutter, and then get a shed erected. Then I’ll be done with the biggest stuff, and my sis and I can plant my front yard.

I kind of wanted to go downtown to eat, to the outdoor restaurant where the keyboard player is playing tonight. But don’t think I’m going to be able to go. Maybe next week. Sunday I’ll be back at my sisters, going to her neighbor’s New Year’s party. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet the rich guy with the yacht, lol.

Life is good. It’s warm today, but just very comfortable here on my deck in the shade.

Love and light, all.

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