Life Is An Amazing Adventure

I wrote a blog, and when I pasted it from word and looked at it, I thought, who cares?  Who cares that you went to open mic again, and had a wonderful evening, and that it’s getting cooler and may not go above 60 tomorrow?  It’s all so mundane.

I mean, I’m happy.  I’ve never been so consistently happy in my life.  I’m content.  I’ve left the drama behind me, I have the foundation laid for a lovely life here.  My friend who took the walk with me the other day walked me to my car tonight, we remarked what a small world it is, both of us kind of running into people we knew long ago.  The boyfriend of my bff in Iowa texted me that he was coming tonight, and he sat with us, though he left early, he has a longer drive because he doesn’t live in Gulfport.  I think he feels safe with me, knowing my bff won’t get jealous of him hanging with me because she knows I have no designs on him, nor would I even if they weren’t together.  Totally not my type.   Then someone my walking friend, I’ll call him P, ran into someone who got him started singing karaoke.  I also told him about meeting my jr. high school home ec teacher….

Really, what a small world.  This man, P, is so dear to me.  When he hugs me hello or goodbye he pulls me into him, and hugs tight.  He used to do just the one armed hug, but we are pretty close now.  So happy to have his friendship, I treasure it.

So, that, friendship with him, is not mundane.  The people I love are not mundane.  Going through the motions of living are.  My bff’s boyfriend said to me tonight, “We’re in paradise here….”  Yes.  Yes we are.  Laid back, loving, friendly, no stress.  Perfect weather almost every day.  And the days that aren’t are a welcome change.  Every day I try to express my gratitude for this.  Life is an amazing adventure.

Love and light, all.

One response to “Life Is An Amazing Adventure

  1. You know what’s really great about these last few posts? I can remember when I first found your blog and you were all nervous about the move, letting go of that toxic relationship…….and now look at you! It’s a good reminder to trust our gut/heart/soul that things do work out, even when we’re nervous about making a leap of faith.

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