Dating, Continued

The dating games continue. I am sometimes aghast at the arrogance and stupidity of some people. I can only talk about the men, because obviously I don’t see the women. I’m sure there are equally arrogant and stupid women.

This morning I got a message from a man, who seemed to be a decent guy, even though he had a pretty big beer belly. Ok, maybe he just like fries. I don’t know where it came from. I responded. He answered and said, “You look like you’d be fun, sexy and laid back. Sent me your phone number so we can talk this morning.” Well…I suppose that should have told me something, but since I was sitting around waiting for my sisters guests to unblock my car, I thought what the hell. A conversation will be ok.

So I sent it and he called. After I’d sent it, I noticed that his profile said he was “athletic and toned”. Yes, like the Michelin man. He didn’t take too long to direct the conversation where he wanted to it go. But first he had to tell me how he used to play hockey for the Boston Bruins minor league team. I don’t mention hockey in my profile, so he was just putting out a feeler. I told him my son played for 10 or 12 years, which I don’t think he even heard. He was too busy looking at himself in the mirror. Seeing that 20 year old athletic and toned hockey player. He told me 3 things  he liked about me were my positive attitude, that I was laid back, and I had nice boobs. And went on to tell me how important sex was to a relationship.  Remember this is the first contact.

Wow. What a come on. Geezus.

Then he said he’d like to try to get together one day this week. He said, “I can work at home a couple of days a week, so you could come here and I could keep an eye on the computer.” I said, “Well, I think I’d rather get coffee, or a sandwich or something for the first date.” By now, I’m ready to hang up. He went on to try to convince me how it was nicer to be private, have a glass of wine, and be able to talk privately.

Geezus. Again.

Then he said, (because I’d told him I was at my sisters and had to drive home soon) “Call me when you get home, and we’ll set a time.”

Needless to say, he is still waiting for that call, lol.

I think he was looking for a hockey groupie. I didn’t disabuse him of the notion that he was all that for having made the minors leagues. I did not tell him that my son’s coach played in the NHL for about 12 years, for the Hartford Whalers and the NY Rangers, and that this coach’s father played on the first Canadian Olympic  Gold Medal team, that his brother was a head coach for an NHL team (can’t remember who), his 3 brothers were all NHL scouts or ass’t coaches, and that all of them used to come in the summer and hold clinics for the kids. I didn’t tell him that another coach played with the NJ Devils, and that another one had been Wayne Gretzky’s winger for 3 weeks. I also didn’t tell him that two Hall of Famers taught my son to skate backwards. Or that my son has a number of friends now playing for the NHL, one of whom was a very close friend who was on the Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks, and has his name on the cup twice, at the age of 24.

I was not impressed with his credentials. I mean, it’s an accomplishment for sure, to make the pros at any level. It just didn’t, doesn’t, matter to me. I have met hockey superstars, that are not obnoxious and would take an interest if someone said, “My son played for 10 or 12 years.”

Ok..just needed to write that out, so I could pick my jaw up off the floor at the size of this guys ego because he played minor league hockey. And how he thought it was such a chick magnet that I’d go to his condo for a first date while he was working.

Geezus. Again.

In the meantime the guy UforME69 keeps on messaging me.

However, I did get a message from a nice looking, seemingly classier guy this afternoon. I have not heard from Tom yet today, not since New Year’s Eve, when I heard from him 5 times. My friend said, “he’s a dud. A firework that doesn’t go off.” LOL. I think she’s pegged him.

I’m taking it all in stride. Just gonna have fun with it, and maybe write some funny (hopefully) blogs. Learning about men, that’s for sure.

It was 84 today. But it seems to be cooling down, by the weekend it will be in the 60’s. And gonna hold there for awhile. 😦 But honestly….it’s good to live somewhere where when it’s cold, it’s 60.

Love and light.

5 responses to “Dating, Continued

  1. Wow… Yeah I’d run the other way. I must say I’ve never ever been on a first date that was scheduled. People come into my life for some reason and I have never ever gone looking.. I’m weird:)

  2. That is a riot, I have some funny stories too about the whole online dating thing… some men are such idiots!!! especially the ones that post their pictures wearing stained t shirts and looking like they just crawled out of a hole somewhere. really, you want a date but you can’t take the time to put on a clean shirt… amazing and very funny, we should send all the idiot men we are contacted by a primer on being human and attracting women, \they obviously don’t have a clue!! xo

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