Day Didn’t Turn Out As Was Expected, But Still, It Was Good

I put together my leaf blower today, fully intending to begin the work on my yard and deck. But then, my friend who has no car asked me to pick her up from the dr after my therapy appointment. She’s really sick, has been for a week, so I was happy to do so. Then my other friend has a terrible toothache, and was headed for the dentist today when her car overheated, she had to go back home. She needed me to pick up some prescriptions from the dr. who does the therapy. No problem. I took them to her, we dropped them off to get filled and went to pick up the friend at the dr. When she got in the car, she told us she was supposed to go get bloodwork done, so we drove across town to the lab and it was closed. Then I took her to pick up her prescriptions, which supposedly had been called in but hadn’t.

So, I played taxi service for my friends, which I don’t mind, honestly. I can’t imagine functioning without a car, especially when you are sick. I love them both dearly. I wouldn’t know anyone in town if it weren’t for them. But needless to say, I didn’t get the yard blown. All I did is put the leaf blower together.

I’d like to go see the keyboard player tomorrow. I don’t know if I can find anyone to go with me though. If not, he’ll be at the artwalk Friday night, and I’ll definitely go see him then. It will be easier to talk to him, because he shows his paintings at a booth there. It’s actually where I first talked to him, as he explained to me how he creates. It’s pretty cool. I may even buy one of his paintings.

I heard from Tom last night. He said he’d been taking a break, that his life had gotten a little stressful. He said he’d have to tell me sometime. I said, “I’d like that, a deeper conversation than mermaids, fishing and Buffett. Take care of yourself, contact me when you can.” But….. I know he’s been on the site, you can see when someone is online or not. He’s been on, just most likely talking to a bunch of other women. I have not liked that he answers no question I ask him about himself. Like, he’s a Sagittarius, so I asked, did you just have a birthday? Because he must have. He ignored it, but sent some sweet, cute message to deflect it.

Now I’m thinking how much this guy is like S. Even though he’s sweeter about it, classier, he does the same thing. I’d ask S a question, and he’d answer, “What are you, writing a book.” (Yes, I was, lol. Or a blog.) Tom just ignores it because we are not talking, we are messaging. And Tom disappears for days, just like S did. And offers up similar excuses.

I’m like um, noooooo. I don’t think I want to go there again. He’s got a girlfriend or friends, lol. I am one of many women he’s talking to. He says he doesn’t like to share his mermaid. I said, I don’t like to share my fisherman. Funny, S was a fisherman too. Is Neptune trying to tell me to steer clear of men who fish? He’s cute, sexy, sweet. I’ll keep talking to him to amuse myself. But take him seriously? Um, no.

No problem. I am also messaging with a couple other men, one of whom really seems like a possibility. Very nice, interested. Maybe….who knows. Another guy messaged me this morning, a very nice message, telling me how much he liked my pictures. He didn’t have a pic on his profile, so normally I just ignore those. But he said there was a good reason, and he’d send me one. So I gave him an email address that doesn’t have my name in it, and he sent his pic. I felt bad, he’s totally not my type, I totally don’t feel any chemistry. I told him he looks like a really nice guy. He asked what that meant. UGH, I don’t want to have to go there. So I told him I just didn’t feel any physical chemistry, but that I thought we could have fun together as friends, with no expectations. Haven’t heard back, I hope he just leaves it be.

I’m just having fun with it. Learning my lessons, but at a very relaxed place.

Maybe I can get some work done in the yard tomorrow. And maybe go take a walk on the beach. I’m having my windows inspected tomorrow. Once that’s done, I can at least take the labels off of them.

I’d like to get most of the work done this week, because my two best friends from high school are coming here next Thursday. That will be a blast. Going to take them to open mic night. That should be a blast.

Pretty laid back schedule. Life is still amazing. Today was a shorts and flip-flop day. Blows my mind to be in shorts on Jan. 3.

Love and light….

3 responses to “Day Didn’t Turn Out As Was Expected, But Still, It Was Good

  1. It takes so long to get to know what a person is really like, but it sounds like you are trusting your gut. My mantra after a couple of stressful rebounds was, “focus on friendship.”

    • Yes, I am trusting my gut. I heard from him again last night, and it was nice. A lot more opening up, etc. Just going to go with it for now, and see where it leads, with eyes wide open. And yeah, there has to be a basic friendship there, underlying all of it. Thanks JoAnna.

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