Some Words About Legal Pot, and Filling Marble Jars

All my friends from up north are talking about how pot was legalized in MA to the extent you can possess it, grow it, use it, or buy it. But you can’t sell it. Now how utterly stupid is that? You can’t buy it until July 1, 2018. I guess it’s to give those diehard “it’s a gateway drug” people time to adjust. And Florida….they legalized, finally, medical marijuana, but all the counties except maybe one, have pushed back allowing the dispensaries to open.

I just don’t get the big hubub over it. People on pot don’t go hopping in their cars speeding around recklessly. Generally when one is stoned, they don’t want to go anywhere! And if they do, they are far more likely to drive below the limit, both hands on the wheel, very cautiously. Ever heard of someone being stoned and picking up a gun and shooting someone? No. Or domestic abuse that was aggravated by the husband that was high?

People need to get over it. It is a plant that grows on this earth, not something created in a lab to alter your normal psyche. It has so many many varied medical uses. I will tell you, when I had my stomach bug a couple months ago, a friend brought me a couple joints and it was such a HUGE relief physically to just have a few hits off the joint.

I do believe that once it’s fully legal in MA, it will follow suit in all the New England states. Because none of them are but a short driving distance from MA, except maybe northern Maine. And even that is 4 or 5 hours at most. The rest of the states, particularly CT which is always in a revenue pinch, will want the tax revenue that it creates.

In other news, I heard from Tom, the guy I was saying was a lot like Scott in a basic way. I heard from him last night, and began to change my mind about that similarity with his conversation. He was much more open and willing to let me know who he is. He has something going on, but I don’t think it’s other women. I think maybe he is just very guarded, but has started opening that window to making himself vulnerable. He asked me not to give up on him just yet. I hadn’t said I would give up on him, but I told him I wouldn’t. I told him, I don’t know, but feeling energy is my thing, and I feel like there’s a possibility that there could be magic, and I would so love a little magic in my life. It’s rare to feel this connection. I felt an instant connection to Scott, and I am still sure I knew him in another life.  It’s not that kind of connection with Tom, thankfully.  But it is a intense connection.  I can’t define it at the moment, but I can feel it. This time I’m being way more cautious with my heart. I’ll let it play out, without expectations, only hope. Just going to enjoy the ride til it’s time to get off of it.

I’m learning not to invest so much of myself, so fast. I am remembering the lessons of Brene Brown in Rising Strong, especially Braving Trust. So far, when this man has put a few marbles in my jar, he’s not dumped it over and taken them back, as was Scott’s MO. My ex….in the end, never put any in but stole all he could out of it. Tom is earning my trust, albeit very slowly. But the movement is in a positive direction.

I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve.  I’m trying to subdue that a bit, I think it’s too much for many people.  I’ll put it out there, put myself out there, but only as a friendship develops.

I got a message from one of the other nice men I was messaging, telling me there’s a fair in a town 22 miles away this weekend, and that I’d really like it. I answered him, “Is that an invitation? :)” I don’t really think he meant it as one, and I was only kind of half serious. But he answered, “Yes! If we don’t go out in the boat this weekend.” Don’t know who “we” is, probably kids and grandkids. But I let him off the hook, and said, “Sounds good.” I won’t go anyway, I need to get stuff done around the house to have it ready for my friends.

Waiting for someone to come and inspect my window installation. Florida is very picky about the type and way windows are done because we are so hurricane prone. Once they come I can take the stickers off of them. Then hang the curtains I bought for the bedroom. Hope I can remember how to use the drill, lol.

Life is good… always. Love and light…..

10 responses to “Some Words About Legal Pot, and Filling Marble Jars

        • They don’t usually drive like maniacs though. Drunk driving caused untold deaths every year. Just read an article which said stoned drivers are generally aware of their impairment and slow down so that they can react to emergencies. Which has been my own experience. It’s not like losing consciousness the way a drunk does, or thinking that you’re ok when you’re not. But regardless, MA law is nonsensical on the subject. Lol. But you know MA, it’s s crazy state. Lol.

          • You know what’s worse than drunk drivers? TIRED drivers.
            Driving stoned would, to me, present a problem because I have heard that you get the munchies. What happens when you drop your bag of Cheetos on the floor? LOL

            • lol. You very slowly pull over and retrieve them. Slowly. Lol. Yes I agree about tired drivers. Tho I don’t know if they are worse. I know that I drove home once, 22 miles, drunk. I know I was speeding, felt sure I could handle it. When I got home an sobered up I could only thank God I made it home safely and didn’t kill anyone. And vowed never to do that again, and I have not.

              • I think booze must give you a sense of infallibility. I know I had to fight Loser for the car keys all the time. Maybe, in his case, it made him feel like I was taking his power away.
                I’ve never driven drunk but when I got my first car, I slapped it in neutral and flew down the winding road and sharp turns of the mountain, without braking, without a seat belt, and without headlights….just to see if I could.
                If my children had done that, I would have had them locked up. LOL

              • Yes it definitely does that. Not a drink it two but drinkenness for sure. My ex refused to hand them over. Was insulted. And of course obnoxious. One time, the last time I told him next time I was leaving and taking son so he couldn’t kill us. Let him kill him self. So then he turned into the asshole who drives under the limit in the high speed lane and won’t let anyone pass him. All about control.

    • I’ve learned that it’s scary to make yourself vulnerable. But that same thing, vulnerability, is what leads to all the beautiful things we can experience. And I like men, for the most part, lol. I miss male energy in my life. It’s been a long while though. I went 5 years not even considering a date. And then I picked another screwed up guy, just screwed up differently, and fell crazy in love with him. This time I’m way more cautious, and have my eyes well open. So we’ll see.

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