Another Wonderful Night (A Boring Update)

Open mic was so much fun, so out of the ordinary. And that’s pretty far out of the ordinary, in this town,which is completely out of the ordinary, lol. We had an electric cello player come tonight, and a twosome who sang blues, and one of them played guitar, the other a flute. A couple of new people, with really good voices, who sang their own music, so talented. Everyone was saying it was like going to a nightclub tonight. So much fun.

I sat with my friend P, we were two of the first of our crowd there. He was looking for me, when I walked in. He told me this, lol. I so love that guy. We have some kind of bond between us. Then a new friend came, a woman a few years younger than me, who is trying to get established in town. We’ve been trying to connect, being two single women in this town. So we were able to get to know each other a little better. It’s nice to expand the base.

Tomorrow night is the artwalk with my sister. I’ll be able to see G, the keyboard player, who paints. I guess he’s really an artist that plays keyboard. That’s how he described himself to me.

Tim, the firefighter, is going to call me Sunday sometime. I’m kind of excited for that. He’s good looking, and loves to do things, and is creative as well. I just hope I’m not too free of a spirit for him, but we’ll see. He seems excited about it. We talked about getting together, so I gave him my phone number, and he said it made his day. Unlike Tom, the one that writes me the sweetest messages, who ignored the fact that I gave him my number. Didn’t even mention it. Who needs it?

Life is good. I’m beat, gonna head for bed as soon as I post this. Hope all is well with all my bloggie friends.

Love and light, all.

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