Saturday Stuff

It’s cold and windy, for Florida. It was gray, and rainy all night, and morning. My sister was here, and slept like a baby, til 9:30 this morning! I slept about 4 hours. If. So much energy right now, I need to get centered. I need to sleep, lol. Meditate. Stay quiet. Distract myself.

Waiting is hard, when you really want what you’re waiting for, and you don’t really know what it is.

It would be so cool to have a first date on Wednesday. The date will be 1/11/17. There are four 1’s in that date. 11 is a master number. It’s an energy portal, new beginnings. My house is an 11, numerologically. January 11th is a powerful day. The number 1111 is like a wake-up call, like, Pay Attention. The Universe is about to send you a message. And there are 2 11’s in that number, so powerful.

But added to Pay Attention, and energy portals to new beginnings, is this…if you add up the numbers 1+1+1+1+7, you get 11! New beginnings! So exciting! I guess the day is a powerful one anyway, just think it might be cool to have the first date that day. If it works out that way.

If he calls like he says he will. If he continues to be the guy he has been consistently in his messages.

I’m obsessing. I need to stop. I have a life. I just really like him. The first man who has sparked me in a long long time. On to other things.

My sis and I went to a couple galleries in St. Pete this morning. They were all getting ready for the artwalk next Saturday, so many of the walls were bare. In the back of the one where I sold a couple necklaces, they had a childrens art exhibit, from some of the classes which they teach there. It was so fabulous. Really talented kids! They were all by kids in 5th grade.  9 year olds.  These are a few pics of their work. They were really inspiring.

The display was called “On my block” and each painting had a description of the painting and how it related to the artist.

We talked a bit about how this area is so full of creative outlets. This gallery, which sold a couple of my necklaces has classes in all kinds of creative endeavors. Wood, pottery, glass, painting, watercolor, even writing!

I came home and fell asleep on the couch this afternoon. It’s cold here…50’s. I guess that’s better than the snow the rest of the east coast got today. And we got rain, such a welcome event. It will be cold tomorrow and then the temps will be climbing back up to their normal 70’s – 80. Paradise.

Love and light.

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