As The Day Turned Out….

I’m meeting Tim tomorrow morning. The ex firefighter. We’ll have coffee, and then see how the day unfolds. He needs to be home by 4 so he can watch his grandson after school for a half hour. He’s nice, talks a lot. I’ve noticed that some men do that, just jabber away at first, til they get relaxed talking to you. I’m glad, because I tend to be a little reticent at first. If you can believe that.

I did not hear from Tom. At all. He’s on line now. No message, no call. Disappearing act. I wonder if he was even real. One of my friends suggested he might be S disguising himself. Whatever, he was a disappointment last night, tonight I am only mildly curious, having expected not to hear from him today. I really expected it last night. But today, no…..

Today on my blog, I got a notice from WP that my stats were booming. I had almost 100 hits one hour. While on the surface that seems great, I know it’s an anomaly, and I always worry that it is S or his gf, because in the past I’ve found that out after the fact every time except once. Usually through an angry voice mail from S. So far that has not happened. Praying it does not. If it does, I will delete and not listen.

Men. Grrr.

I think I’ll stop writing about them, until there’s one that lasts.

In other news, lol, I tried to hang curtains in my bedroom. First the curtain rods, right. I drilled a hole, as the instructions said. I tried to then screw the bracket through the hole. And about ¾ of the way it got stuck. Like there was a piece of metal, and the screw could not penetrate it. Then the damn screw was stuck so tight I couldn’t get it back out. Stripped the screw trying. So now the bracket is dangling upside down from screw that won’t go in or come out. I called Don the Handyman. He’s coming over this week to finish the dryer vent in the attic, and to help me get the mirror back on my dresser. I said, I have one more little job for you to do, lol. Geezus.

Well, productively, I helped a friend out today, so feel good about that at least. It was a quiet cold day today. Like, COLD. 35 this morning. I was talking to a friend up north, and said, “I’m not going outside. I don’t want to remember what 35 feels like.” I did go out though, when it warmed up to about 55. I picked up my friend who’s been sick and has no car, and told her to bring over a couple loads of laundry, because I know she’s been wanting to go to the laundromat. So she did some, and we just hung out. Since I couldn’t hang my curtains, lol.

And now gonna go see if sleep evades me or gives me some rest tonight. It would be nice not to have suitcases under my eyes when I meet Tim tomorrow.

Love and light, all.

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