Volunteering for Vets

I went to a meeting tonight. My friend Pat has been trying to get me involved in this charitable project for the vets. It is to assist them in overcoming emotional problems through art. All kinds of art. Pat is an artist, a painter, with a degree in fine arts, and will curate the showing of the vets work. I’m really just a lay person, didn’t feel qualified. But then I meet the man who coordinates all the volunteers, and my sis reminded me that I can do bookkeeping, (even though it’s not my idea of fun) or could just assist in other ways. I do make jewelry, and write, but not with any credentials. Pat’s friend Rob went with us. He has a Masters in Fine Arts, and also a degree in theater. He has written 2 screen plays, and writes poetry. Anyway, he would like to develop a writing class for this, to help the vets to express themselves. I told him I’d be really happy to help with it.

At the end of the 2 hour meeting, I think I’ve become their treasurer. It’s only a matter really of keeping the checkbook in balance. Since I managed the financial aspect of my own business for 30 years, I don’t think it will be a big deal. I told them I’m happy to do it, as long as it doesn’t become a 40 hour per week job. I think maybe 2 hours a week.

The volunteer coordinator is the guy we met at the artwalk last week, the guy my sister kept saying, “didn’t you notice how he was paying attention to you?” I did like him, although I was oblivious to his interest, he’s a park ranger by day, and a photographer by night and any other spare time he has. Good looking guy. Tonight he got up a spoke, about how his photography saved his life, etc. A few of his photographs were displayed around the room. Someone mentioned the beautiful sunset, but he said, well, actually, they are all sunrise. I prefer the light of sunrise to sunset.” There’s a man after my own heart. I talked to him about it during the meet and greet part of the meeting and he showed me a few others of his that he took at sunrise. Quite a talented photographer.

Even though I like Tim a lot, a real lot, I don’t think it’s wise for me to close the door quite yet. We’ve only had one date. Things are looking good, but I’ve had other men that I dated once and liked a lot, dated twice and couldn’t stand them. So, until I’m sure, I will keep my options open. But he did call me today. He is taking me manatee watching on Sunday. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day. The plan is to do the manatee watching in the afternoon, and then catch a sunset on the water somewhere on the way back to my house. I gotta say, he does plan the coolest dates, lol.

It was beautiful day again today. The cold weather is basically gone, it was 75 today. My handyman came today to finish up a project and help me with a couple of things. I really wanted to get my bedroom curtains hung, and he hung all the brackets for the curtain rods. He helped me get a knick-knack shelf hung, got my mirror reattached to my dresser. So, now my curtains are hung, and lots of stuff is done.

It was a day worth smiling about. Love and light.

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