Old Friends

It was 4:30 in the morning. My 3 friends were sprawled through the house, in the guest room, and on the recliners on either end of my large sectional. I had gone to bed an hour and a half before.

As tired as I was, I could not sleep. Too much junk food. Too much stimulation. I need to have  my downtime and didn’t have it. One of them is staying until Sunday morning.  One will be going back to her home here tomorrow, I think.  Though she may opt to spend the night again tonight. The other will be staying at her boyfriends.

We all got up between 8 and 10, I was of course, the first.  Made the coffee, and we sat out on my deck and just talked, the way old old friends do.  Finally, we made some food, rather, I made some food.  We ate, and I began to fade.  So at 2 pm I laid down to take a nap.  We’re all going out to eat tonight, and I’m going to be exhausted.

I have discovered that having a bunch of people in my house does not lend itself to me sleeping.  I’ve been alone too long, I think.  I love these girls, they are my sisters, but I was longing for a little time to myself.  I couldn’t even write, and that’s always a problem for me.

I finally got up at about 4, and thought I’d better get up, and get a shower in if we’re going out. When I walked out of my room, I found out that there was no one here. As if magically, the two girls who were here had heard me wish for some alone time, and had gone shopping down in the center of town. I am so utterly grateful, so I can write, and recenter myself.

I heard from Tim today a couple of times. He is learning how to use his new smartphone and mastered sending an email, lol. He keeps it short and sweet, as if he’s afraid of intruding. It’s so nice to be treated that way. I’m so looking forward to seeing him Sunday.

I’m looking forward to going out with my friends again, though I am spending way more money than I want to, but it’s a rare occasion for us all to be together. I’ll just have to make it up somehow.

I think we’re about to leave for our dinner tonight, on the beach, watching the sunset. Should be lovely. I hope I have time to check in later.

Love and light, everyone.

2 responses to “Old Friends

    • Yes, we do sometimes need it. For some reason when I copied and pasted this post from word to WP, it didn’t copy the whole thing. And, I was apparently too tired to check, lol. But anyway, the completed post is up ow. I did enjoy my dinner!

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