Gonna Be A Good Day

Last night I slept like a baby for 8 hours, and it feels SO good. I am up early, woke before daybreak. That’s how I like it, honestly. I don’t like to miss part of the day in bed, which is probably why I don’t like to nap. The two friends who stayed last night are still sleeping, and probably will be for at least another hour. Yesterday and today I had my hour to myself in the morning, it makes all the difference to my well being.

Apparently writing is like a meditation for me. It is a way to clear my head and observe what’s on my mind. And so…. this morning, I feel content. Rested. Happy. Loving my friends here. Loving the fact that I am going on a really cool date with a man who presents possibilities to me. Not longing for any of the old stuff, at all.

I’m going to be treasurer of this Veterans Art Center non-profit thing. They want to meet with me next week, on Tuesday but I told them I have a dr appointment, and I don’t want to do it at 9 AM. LOL. I’m retired, the days of my 9 AM meetings are over, lol. But I’ll do it, I think it’s a worthy cause, and I want to be involved in something here that will allow me to give back. I’ve been so blessed.

My friends are leaving around 11 this morning. Tim is coming to get me at noon. It’s about an hour’s drive there. The weather is perfect today. Low 60’s now, and going to be close to 80 this afternoon and sunny.

It’s going to be a good day. Love and light….

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