It’s Been a Busy Few Days With My Old Friends

I have not been writing much since my friends are here. Nor have I been able to keep up on reading blogs. I hope to start that endeavor Monday in earnest.

I’ve been having a great time with them. Thursday night we went out to get a bite to eat before we went to open mic night. Open mic was so much fun, although it was pretty quiet in comparison to the week before. We totally enjoyed it.

Then last night my friends boyfriend, who lives down here, took us all to a very fancy restaurant in a nearby town, right on the water. It was so awesome. We had oysters on the half shell, and for dinner I had a lobster roll. I tried to clarify with the waiter if it was lobster salad with mayo or if it was plain lobster with drawn butter. Down here usually it’s lobster salad, with mayo. I’m a New England purist, and if I am eating Maine lobster, then I only want drawn butter, nothing else. The waiter said it was with a little mayo, but he could get it dry with nothing but butter, so I ordered it. It was huge, a ton of lobster meat, and just butter. It was so good. The waiter came and talked to us for quite some time, he recognized that we were all of his generation. The piano player came over and asked us for some requests too, which was cool. She didn’t go to anyone else’s table to ask.

Today my friend and the boyfriend drove to Ft. Pierce, 2 hours away, and took a ferry to Key West, stayed there for 5 hours, then took the ferry back, and then are driving 2 hours back up here. It seems they had a pretty good time. A nice boat ride, anyway.

After taking a long walk today, and just sitting around gabbing, still, lol, catching up with each other, we went over to a little community on St. Pete Beach, the barrier island. The community is Pass-A-Grille, right on the gulf. We went to a bar/restaurant up on the 2nd floor and watched the sunset. It was stunning. We had a cocktail each and a light dinner. I had a blackened grouper rueben sandwich. It was so good.

It has been really nice to catch up with these old friends. We talk about old times, and new times, and in between times. It’s just so comforting to still be friends with the people who were so much a part of my growing up. We are always laughing, and we laughed at ourselves when I said, wow, the place is not really that messy for having 4 people staying in this small space! I was remembering what someone’s basement would look like when the same 4 of us would sleep over at someone’s house as teenagers, lol.

It’s just been so nice, brings balance to my life. The friend who lives in Daytona Beach wants us to come over there soon, and I intend to do that. Hearing her talk about it, it sounds heavenly. She lives about 2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, and one of the most beautiful beaches in FL. There are all kinds of events there, with the raceway, and bike week being a couple of them. It’s a pretty hopping place I think. When we go, she’s going to take us to St. Augustine, the oldest city in the US. There is supposedly a lot of seaglass on the beach, but it’s supposed to be a beautiful beautiful place.

Tomorrow is my date, I’m still looking forward to that. I think I’m going to really enjoy it. Life is so good, so many exciting things going on. Happiness quotient is high tonight, lol.

Love and light.

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