Closing the Wrong Door

I was outside before sunrise this morning. It was an uncommonly beautiful sunrise, the whole sky was aflame. The pictures from my deck don’t do it justice, so I’m not posting any. But it was lovely to be up so early and catch it. I would like to get back into my routine of being up early enough to get to the fishing pier to see it, and take my walk.

I felt a cold coming on yesterday. It hadn’t got the better of me yet, and so armed with zinc, vitamin C, and Echinacea I took the Benadryl, and slept from about 9:30 til 6 this morning. This morning I’m feeling much better, though I’m smart enough to keep up the regimen for another couple of days. Last thing I want is to get a full fleged cold.

I am glad I told Tim goodbye yesterday, instead of thinking I might figure out how to make that work if I could get him to calm down. I know you can’t change anyone. It’s something he needs to figure out for himself.

I got messages immediately after, from a couple of seemingly nice men. After messaging back and forth they both want to meet. There’s no way to know if either of them will click, but repeatedly, I am reminded that when you close the wrong door another one opens. I have always been of the mind that if there is an unpleasant task, like telling someone you aren’t feeling any connection, or firing somebody, lol, whatever it may be, that it’s best to just jump in and do it. Get it over so you can go on with your life. Procrastinating the inevitable just ends up wasting your time and energy worrying about it. Consistent forward motion is vital to our well-being.

The first time I went to a psychic/medium, she told me exactly that, that when I close the wrong door, the right one will open. She also told me that Florida would offer me great opportunities. I’m seeing my life on a path. The first wrong door I had to close was on Scott. That was a hard one, because I really really loved the guy. I guess that there are things about him I will always love, but I closed the door because in the end, every time, it was only pain, only a game to him. Now that I have managed to close it, a few new doors have opened. Each one seems to bring me closer to where I want to be, even though they turned out not to be THE door, they were successively closer. I have no doubt that the right door is going to open for me.

Life is a journey for sure. We all know that. I’m determined that I will enjoy my life, and be happy. Even under the Tweeter-in-Chief, lol. Although I will continue to oppose everything that he stands for, and fight his racist, misogynist, lying sociopathic plan to enrich himself and his buddies as best I can. It’s a scary thing he’s doing, and he’s not even inaugurated yet. I hope we all stand vigilant for the next 4 years.

It promises to be a beautiful day here today. Feeling blessed, sitting here outside with my second cup of coffee. Love and light, everyone.

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