Random Thoughts This Morning

I think WP’s spam filter has gone bad. I received the following as a comment on a haiku I wrote called “Delighted”, published December 16.

Hello my name is Mrs Clara Williams, I want to tell the world about LORD GUDUGUDU , the spell caster who help me when i had problem with my husband i love so much and it lead to marriage breakup, life shattered and scattered and the problem leads to so many problem that i could not longer handle so i meant a friend of mine who told me of this the spell caster LORD GUDUGUDU and to cut the story short, i am very happy today because the man could solve my problem and today my husband is back and we are living happily in our marriage again, thanks to LORD GUDUGUDU , and i have nothing i could really do than make people know of his good work to mankind. if looking who can help LORD GUDUGUDU, THE SPELL CASTER is the right person for any kind of problems and challenges you might be encountering in your daily life, contact him now VIA email: lordgudugudu@yahoo.com

Seriously, if that’s not spam, what is? It contains an email address, and has nothing to do with a post about being happy to wake up after a good night’s sleep, lol. I blocked Ms. Clara Williams email, and Lord Gudugudu, the spell-caster, so their comments will be discarded in the future.

Totally not needing the services of a spell-caster.

Because I often check my overnight stats while laying in bed in the morning, that’s what I woke up to this morning, lol. I hope it’s not an indicator of a weird day. I have a coffee date in the center of town at 10. The guy owns a sailing school. I hope I am not going to need spells cast for any reason, lol. I mean, who knows, maybe I’ll get to go for a sail, the school is not far from where we are meeting, and it’s a nice enough day. When we talked I didn’t get the feeling that I needed to cast a spell on him though, lol. Or would want to.

He used to be an airline pilot in an old life. When we talked on the phone, it seemed he was trying to impress me with things and money. I am so not impressed by those things, that I’m going into it with kind of a skeptical attitude. However, I’ve found that a lot of people, in talking the first time, don’t know what to say, and just rattle on. He wanted me to know that although he lives in an older craftsman house, but that there are 7 $300,000 homes going up in his neighborhood. And, so???? I told him my neighborhood was a diverse working class neighborhood. It’s whatever. We will need to get past the money thing, and to our common things, like the water. I told him in response to that statement about the 7 houses, that I loved craftsman style houses and I do. I also love 90 year old Florida bungalows like mine, lol.

Anyway, no expectations on this one. Just a cup of coffee and conversation, and we’ll see where it goes, if anywhere.

Another guy asked me to meet him over at a place on St. Pete Beach. He seems much more relaxed and laid back, but not sure if our personality types can mesh. I may be too far outside the box for him. Maybe not though.

Both men seem to be nice people, so I’ll make a couple of friends maybe, at the least. And I’m putting myself out there, so the universe can work its magic.

I was happy to wake up feeling fine this morning. I have beaten the cold that was trying to get me. I went to bed at 9:30, and woke at 5:30. I was only awake once in the night for maybe 15 minutes. Glad about that.

I have really started to mellow, I think, maybe that’s helping me sleep. I am not feeling that anyone is creeping around my blog from an old life any longer, or, that if they are, they are keeping it to themselves and that’s how it should be. I’m happy to reclaim ownership completely, and not have to worry about censoring what I say due to who may read it.

I was thinking, as I lay in bed this morning, that I’m going to start looking into publishing some of my work. A book of haiku maybe. And another of poetry. One of my bff’s from up north, gave me an idea for combining the poetry with stories of my life. She suggested a poem, followed by the that events that caused me to write it. It’s not a bad idea. I have all the history here, so it wouldn’t be that difficult to put together.

I started a book a long time ago, based on my my horrible abusive marriage, and how I got through it. I wasn’t really writing poetry then. But I was learning lessons. So each chapter had a lesson to be gleaned from the experience.

So maybe I have four books in my head. Haiku, some poetry, my abusive marriage and the fight to be free of it, and then life post divorce, which would include poetry and history.

The hard part about writing about the past, is that to write it I have to feel it. And there are a lot of things it’s taken a lot of time to get over, and I don’t know that I want to revisit those emotions. I do think that I might be able to help others who find themselves in similar situations though.

Well, it’s food for thought.

I got another email from Tim, the guy I cut loose Monday.  He said that words were hard to find when he originally got my email. Then he had some of the words to Bob Dylan’s Forever Young.  It was nice enough, but I did not respond.  I know that what he needs is to not hear from me, so he can just forget about me.  I’ve been no contact enough to know how it works.  Thank God I didn’t drag it on, he’d have been hurt.

I need to get to Home Depot or Lowes and get some more bug stuff, Home Defense, to spray around my house. I have seen a couple of weird ants in my kitchen. I forget that I have to reapply the stuff every so often down here in Florida, where the bugs multiply exponentially. At least I haven’t seen a Palmetto bug in a while. Those things make me shiver just thinking about them.

Anyway, it’s been an interesting morning so far, lol. When I got out of bed this morning I had vertigo for a few moments. Room spinning and all until I settled in an upright position. I am guessing I had too many things rolling around in my head, lol. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how the day will turn out. The date today adds up to a 1 in numerology. The time as I’m typing this is 7:31, adds up to 11. The number 1 is the primal force, the creator. 11 is the intuitive force, and a portal for new beginnings. I guess I’ll find out if any of that rings true at the end of the day.

Love and light, all.

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