Today is the inauguration. I won’t watch it. I won’t listen to it. There will be enough on the news outlets, social media and Comedy Central to learn what he had to say. I won’t stand silent, but I for sure won’t give him any of my energy, especially today.

I’ll continue to speak out. I’ll continue to fight his darkness. I can’t march tomorrow. I’m too arthritic to be on my feet all day. As I told someone last night, I did my duty at protests when I was young. When campuses were burning and students getting shot. I hope nothing goes wrong tomorrow. I’ve seen protests go bad, first hand. I also know the heady experience of being part of that great movement, that great action. I will be on the sidelines cheering them on. Grateful that there are those who will carry the torch forward. And praying for the marchers, and for all of us, that we make it through what feels like a pall of darkness being cast over our country, and the world really, today.

I’m going to meet with the guy who heads up the volunteer thing I’m doing for the vets on Monday, so he can familiarize me with what they need me to do, as far as their bookkeeping. He’s going to show me the center where the art projects will be displayed, and classes held. I’d still like to work with my friend who has offered to teach a writing class for this project, because I know the therapeutic, healing, value of writing out the emotions that you can barely talk about.

I’ve thought recently about getting off the dating site for awhile. I think I’d rather invest the energy into my life, and worthwhile projects. If someone comes into my life, great. I’m tired of looking for him though. There’s one guy left that I’ve made tentative plans with. After we meet, and I expect it will go where all the others have gone, really nowhere, I am giving it a rest. If I get a notice that someone has messaged me, I might consider checking them out, but I’m really sick of the search. There’s a lot of life to be lived, and I have lots of good friends, male and female.

It’s another beautiful sunny day here. It’s supposed to cool down by next weekend to a high of 60 or so. I can live with that, lol. A month from now it will be perfect summer-like weather again, in the low 80’s and no humidity. Pretty easy to take.

Love and light.

2 responses to “Today

  1. I keep thinking of a scene from the film “The man who would be King” where the main character is being married (I think) and all the people are gathered there sobbing and wailing like its the end of the world!

    Good luck with kicking back and taking it easy, I think its got to be the best way to meet someone special – seems to me good things happen for good people šŸ™‚ X

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