Another Saturday in Paradise

I was supposed to go to my friend’s play today, but didn’t end up going. I could have gone by myself, but I really didn’t want to go alone. I was a little aggravated over it, because I didn’t find out we weren’t going until it was past time to leave to get there on time. If I’d known, I might have lined up someone else to go with. But it’s whatever. I took a long walk and burned off my frustration. Then came back and read for awhile, tried to get some news on the Women’s March, did a little FB perusing. And worked on a wire wrapped pendant that I’ve been working on on an off for awhile now.

It was heartening to see so many 100’s of thousands of people marching today, all over the world. Don’t feel quite so all alone with large displays of support from other countries. Gotta look for the positive where we can…and we can in all those people of like minds.

I heard from the man I’m meeting Monday. Another seemingly nice man messaged me and I guess we have a communication going. I’m not initiating, but if someone interesting messages me, I’ll follow it up. Then towards the end of the day I got a message from the man I met the other day. I’d kind of thought he’d changed his mind but apparently not. He was getting his boat ready, he had a charter today. It was nice to hear from him.

I have not been able to get the spray nozzle off my hose. Too many years in the frigid cold, my son left it on, so it’s seized on. So, I bought a new hose for $28, and I have a new sprayer. Trouble is, I keep my hose in a box, that allows me to wind it up after each use. There’s another connection to the other end there, and now I can’t break that connection. I’m getting really irritated with it. But I’m going to go to an auto parts store and get something like WD4 that may loosen it up a bit. Then I can finish cleaning the deck. Pain in the neck.

Other than that life is good here in my little corner of the world. Love and light.

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