Filtering Out the Cheeto dust

Waking up at 5:30 this morning, I spent my morning mostly on FB. Getting up-to-date with the Resistance, lol. It just warms my heart that millions of people around the world marched in solidarity with the US yesterday.

I’ve been wondering if the grander purpose of the Trump presidency will be to swing the pendulum back to the opposite way in a global rejection of all that he stands for. Yesterday made me hopeful that that may be true. I’m hoping that the sane but naive folks who want to ignore all his faults and hope that he will do some good, will see, day to day, what the man is really up to. I hope that they will be able to admit their error and come on over to the side of love and compassion, away from hate and anger and racism, misogeny, and all the other evil crap that man stands for.

He had a press conference bitching about the reporting of the size of his crowds. Does he not have anything better to do? Or does not his press secretary have anything more important to talk about than the size of his crowds? Is it related some how, in Cheetoman’s head, to the size of something else? Geezus.

Scarier to me is the fact that Canadians trying to cross the border to come to Saturday’s march in DC were held and denied entry by US customs. Here we go folks. The wall has begun.

I heard a rumor, and it’s a rumor only because I haven’t gotten the source yet, but I have every reason to believe it, that although Kellyanne Conway said Trump would write his own speech, it was written by Bannon, the white supremicist. I did not listen to it. I saw parts of it on the news, but I can’t stand to watch the man. I saw excerpts from it on FB. George Will, an arch conservative, agreed it was the worst inaugural address ever. That the tone was negative, and lacked any semblance of hope.

I will continue to rail against what this man stands for. He is casting this nation into darkness, or at least trying to. And all so that he can feed his ego. I guess he never understood that you don’t make yourself matter more by making others matter less. Since he has no idea of what it means to rise spiritually or emotionally, he tries to push the rest of us down. Sick sick man.

We’re due for some big severe storms here tonight. The wind is whistling through the palms, if that’s possible. It’s been beautiful for so long, but yesterday and today it’s been very very windy. Hoping there are no tornadoes tonight. And that wifi doesn’t go down, lol.

I’ve been sleeping so well lately it’s scary. No sleep aids. I’ve only had 2 glasses of wine all week. Just feeling happy with my place in the world, I guess. There is a filter, I guess, to catch the cheeto dust so it doesn’t darken my soul.

Love and light, all.

3 responses to “Filtering Out the Cheeto dust

  1. I have yet to experience great fear. I have not made this man my savior. Being black and living in the South, much of what he wants, I’ve already experienced at the throes of racism in some way. I have to say, though, I am inspired by the generosity and kindness that seems to be pouring out from everyone in my area. Hostesses are friendlier in restaurants, Cashiers joke with me and smile when they say, “did you find everything okay?”, and there’s an air of peace about that really didn’t show its face as much before. It seems like, feels like, these encounters are a sign of those good-hearted people making themselves known so much more to let others know… they will not stand for it.

    That gives me a great sense of hope, Deb.

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