Sunshine and Downpours

The weather couldn’t make up its mind today for a long while. After the storms last night, it was downpouring with black clouds, then 10 minutes later the sun was out. Repeat, all morning. And windy! It was really blowing hard!

I drove to my appointment with the guys running the veterans art center in the pouring rain. Realized I need new wiper blades on my car. I have kind of forgotten what it’s like to drive in the rain, lol, it’s such a rare thing here! I met with them, got a feel for what they need done, what my responsibilities would be as treasurer, and got a tour of the center. They have a really nice space, and it serves as a gallery for the vets art work. So many talented artists in the group. It will be interesting to see how they incorporate a writing class into that. The sun came out and went in twice while I was there.

I met a very nice man for lunch out on St. Pete Beach. We seemed to hit it off. Had a nice lunch and a lot of laughs. It was sunny while we ate, and we were leaving, walking to the car, and it began raining again, so we ducked into my car which was close and talked for another hour. We both said we’d like to get together again. I hope I hear from him. It was fun to laugh with someone again.

On the Trump front, he declared the day of his inauguration a national holiday. Really. Unbelievable. Can you spell d i c t a t o r? Wow, he really thinks he’s all that. After a really nice day, that report made me want to throw up. The man is a joke. At least he was just a very minor part of it today.

Love and light everyone

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