Channeling My Sister, And Other News

I’m still at my sisters and planning to head home in a couple hours. I didn’t make sunrise this morning. I was up late talking to my new friend, the man I had lunch with Monday. It seems like it’s going somewhere, lol. He told me he took his pictures down off of the dating site, in case I happened to notice. I said, “I haven’t really been on it since we met Monday, so I didn’t see.” He said he loves talking to me, he loves my laugh. I said, I like talking to you, because you make me laugh! It’s all good.

I am always the first one up at my sisters. Today I got up about 6:15, and was making coffee, just a cup for me, because sister is not usually up for another half hour anyway. But she walked in the kitchen as the coffee was making and said, “I’m channeling you, Deb. I’m up early and I lost weight yesterday!” LOL. I said, “And I’m channeling you, because I was up late on the phone, and I gained a lb yesterday!”

An aside, when I got here Tuesday I weighed myself, and I had lost another lb or so, and was quite happy about it! But one day of sitting around not doing too much and I gained it back.

We were laughing so hard at each other. Then I was telling her how I’d found out someone I know had a prosthetic leg, and she said, “OMG, I dreamed about someone with one last night!” Like, she really is channeling me! Holy crap!

Well, we are close. We’re both so excited for our baby sister to come in less than 2 weeks. We’ve been planning what to do, etc. I know little sis is happy to hang out at the beach, by the pool. We may go shopping at some of the cool stores on the next island. Gonna be so much fun to have the three of us together again. I know my little sister will never move here. She has 3 of her 4 kids living close to her in Austin, and her 3 grandkids, as well as most of her husbands extended family. But at least now we are more organized geographically. And, Austin is a very cool place to visit, I love it there. A liberal enclave in the middle of one of the most conservative places in the country. Maybe my older sis and I can go visit her there.

So it promises to be a beautiful day again. It’s still very windy from the front that passed through a few days ago. The Gulf of Mexico is usually pretty tranquil, but the last two days there have been huge waves crashing on the beach. People out surfing and wind surfing, which is an unusual sight here. Tonight is open mic night. Thinking maybe I’ll see if my new friend would like to go. He’s going home to Ohio for a week or so Saturday, it might be nice to see him again before he leaves. I will toy with the idea. It might be too soon to introduce him to all of my friends there. But maybe…..he might enjoy it. He’s pretty extroverted.

Feeling happy this morning. Except about the lb I gained. Well, I always eat too well when I’m here, lol. And rest too much. Back to real life this morning!

Love and light, everyone.

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