I got the phone squared away. It only took me about 3 1/2 hours. It’s behind me. There is so little difference between an iPhone 6 and 7, at least to my untrained eye. Whatever. Now I have a 7.

I was so frustrated….irritated. Didn’t get any of the stuff done I wanted to do today. Plus my girlfriend who doesn’t have a car needed a ride to and from the doctor, and back, and she forgot to tell me til this morning. But I gave her one.

Just as I finished the phone L called me. He had his own set of problems today, worse than mine, but he still managed to find a minute to listen to me, and offer a shoulder, so to speak. Totally not used to a man who can feel empathy. Wow. I did the same, I hope, for the problems he had, that were just adding pressure to the fact that he’s leaving tomorrow for a week or so. God, I love talking to him. Someone who calms me, doesn’t ignore me, doesn’t put himself first all the time. And then, somehow makes me giggle, and feel happy.

I took my profiled off the dating site today. I had said I might, and I decided to do it because I kept getting messages from people. Honestly, I don’t want the distraction. I like L enough to just want to focus on getting to know him, and seeing where it goes. I thought it was weird to get messages from the other two men I was so interested in yesterday. One who disappeared, and the other who I told I wasn’t interested. I guess they both have my phone number, but doubt that I’ll hear from them if my profile is inactive.

Funny how quickly life can change. Love and light, all.

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