Saturday Updates

It’s chilly in Florida today! The high was about 55, if that high! It’s actually kind of refreshing to have a nip in the air, and then know it’s going to be 75 again by next weekend. Loving it!

I got my boat slip sold, and the two attorney’s are working on the closing documents. Hopefully it will close sometime next month. I’m pretty excited about that. I filled out and signed all the documents I need to, and mailed them back to my attorney today.

I took a friend with me, we both needed to run some errands. But first we stopped at this great little Italian restaurant in the center of down, and had an espresso and split a piece of tiramisu. Damn, it was so good!!! It was nice to get out, and just talk, and sit and relax. Then we headed for the hardware store, and for Walmart.

I got home around 3, and now I’m working on Florida’s Homestead Act Exemption, which will cut my property tax bill almost in half. Happy about that. I have some stuff out to make dinner, and have a nice evening by myself planned.

I don’t expect to hear from L today, because he flew home to Ohio and will be with his kids. He might call, but I don’t expect it. For that matter, I never expect it from him, but he has called me every day since we met! I don’t think he’s noticed I disabled my profiles on the dating site yet, but I don’t think he’s on there much, since he took his own pictures down, thinking that would keep women from messaging him, if he didn’t have a picture up, and I’m sure he’s right. I just don’t want any distractions, I just want to see where this will go with him, because I really really like him, and it seems mutual.

Life is good, I’m feeling very happy. Love and light, all.

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