What Country Do I Live In?

In the last week, my world, and most of yours, has been turned upside down, and everything is being shaken out, to the floor. There is no way to pick up the 10,000 pieces fast enough to regain some semblance of order. It is terrifying.

The ban on Muslim immigration is illegal, and unconstitutional. I KNOW that tRump knows this, I know his advisers told him this. Yet he just does it. He does it anyway. He doesn’t give a fuck what anyone says.

An aside here. You all know I can have a potty mouth. I’ve been trying to temper it, but honestly, what’s going on here is not served by any word other than fuck, and it’s not even strong enough. So bear with me.

The chaos that is ensuing from this man’s need to exert his power and control over everyone and anyone is breathtaking, in a gasping for air way. I can’t believe that there is any sane person who voted for him who is not 2nd guessing their beliefs, and their vote, right now.

What more can the Cheetoman do to convince people that he absolutely does NOT believe that the laws apply to him also? How much more cruelty, chaos, hatefulness, racist, narcissist, (I could go on but you get the idea) behavior does he have to exhibit before the entire country stands up and is counted and stops him?

Please, those of you in power to do it, start the impeachment process. This is an illegal act, we don’t need to have any more of them to convince us that he will totally destroy this country if we give him any more space. 1 week was too much. 4 years? No one will recognize this country ever again.

It’s frightening, it’s scary. Let’s all call our legislators and call for his impeachment. Call for them to get this ridiculous immigration order stayed. It’s nuts. This is nuts.

I have learned on a personal level what happens when someone is hell bent to cause chaos in my life. Now it’s expanded to a collective level for our country. Take a stand against this evil. Resist. Take a stand for love. Resist Trump. Resist.

5 responses to “What Country Do I Live In?

  1. Of late, I’ve been in deep prayer mode. Deeper than normal. I feel like there’s so much work to be done, but where to start? A lot of this, I cannot let get to me or physical pain will seep in, but if there’s in fact wrathful vengeance, he’s probably no.1 on the list.

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