Calming Back Into Normal Life

I’m much calmer tonight than I was this morning. I see people standing up for human rights, I see that those that can help have set up offices on the floors in the airports, filed motions in federal court, I see people rising up to stop this chaos. I still see 500,000 people who can’t get home to their families. It’s a travesty. Sadly, I am sure it’s not the last one that this lunatic is going to visit on the world.

However, I spent the day listening to music and making jewelry. Doing mundane tasks like putting clean sheets on my bed. Calming my thinking, my outrage. Allowing myself to get back to the life I love.

I have 24 hours or so distance from Scott’s intrusion into my life, and am now settling back into the place I was before that. Loving my life, without darkness. I am praying he does not find a way to reach me.

On a nicer note, L did reach me, and that put a smile on my face.

Today was cold and rainy. Tomorrow it will warm up a little and the sun will come back out. That too, will put a smile on my face. I’ll be able to go for a walk by the water. My handyman might be over to finish the work he has to do here.

There are a lot of normal every day tasks that need doing, while raising our voices, and calling our reps, and dreaming of how we want things to be. Personally and collectively.

Love and light.

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