Now More Than Ever, We Can’t Be Silent

It seems that the US’s main export now is fear, hate, racism, separatism. Trump-ism. I want to apologize to Canada. For the mass shooting at a mosque, which killed 5 people. I am ashamed. This stuff has never been Canada’s problem, it’s been ours though. And now it spreads to our awesome neighbors to the north.

The haters burned a mosque here in the US too, in Texas. Good job, Cheetoman. Good fucking job, at spreading your special brand of hate.

I joined the Women’s March-Florida today. The national movement has a list of 10 actions to do in the next 100 days. The first one is to send postcards to our congressmen. I have to go get some postcards. That’s an easy one. Need to call them too, and let them know what this citizen thinks of what’s going on.

I also want to find out what Marianne Williamson’s group, SisterGiant is planning and doing that I can get involved in online. Not sure there’s anything. But I’ll look into it, for sure.

I had a pretty long conversation with L this morning. He had a break in his wickedly busy schedule up there. I am a little concerned though, because he is politically one of those middle of the roaders who is just uninformed, has not seen the bigger picture. He’s got such a good heart, but he thinks we should all just get along, that we have to unite as a country. I only said, tRump gives me nothing that I can support. I will not be silent, and what happens is what needs to happen.

We switched the subject after a few minutes, but I’m sure it will go back there at some point. It worries me, because that’s a big thing for me. I’ll wait and see til we get to spend more time together. I like him so much, I was so disappointed to hear his view on what happened over the weekend.

On the good side, he asks and takes a real interest in how I am, what I’m doing. He apologizes for having to be in Ohio for some time, to set up this company with his kids, and to prepare the condo they are buying for renting out. It’s fine with me, and I told him so. I told him it gives us a chance to get to know each other by phone, and that’s ok.

And he still made me laugh…. We are moving very slowly, that’s the way I want it.

I was able to take a walk today, 2 miles, down by the water. Happy about that. It was lovely down there. I sat on a bench for awhile, just closed my eyes, and allowed myself to feel the sun on my face. Said a prayer too, that this madness will stop.

Came home and finished up a necklace I made. Now need to get the necklace and pendant up on my Etsy store.  These are pics of the most recent pieces.  The lariat necklace is primarily amethyst and fluorite.  The pendant is blue lace agate wire-wrapped with bronze wire.


Love and light, now more than ever.

2 responses to “Now More Than Ever, We Can’t Be Silent

    • I am trying to find it, peace. I took today off from FB. I just get too outraged at what is going on in this country. I decided I needed to temper my outrage and infuse it with some spirituality. My response can’t be simple anger, that will kill me and not help at all. Love is what this situation needs, at least I know that.

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