Blessed by Friendships

This is just a short post because it’s late, for me, and I’m tired.

I had a quiet night here by myself. Nice dinner, TV. I found 2 episodes of Mozart in the Jungle that I hadn’t seen. I love that show! Anyway, I say I was by myself, but I had a long text conversation with one good friend who lives down here. Then I had a long phone conversation with another one. Then something told me to call the friend up north who drove down here with me, and she was buried in family drama, really bad family drama, and she really needed an ear. I think just telling me helped her, because we are in the same place spiritually. She was in the spiritual book club. She is like my sister. I’m so happy I listened to that little voice that said call her.

I am so blessed by friendships. The one I had a text conversation with is a new friend. The one from here that I had a long conversation is someone I’ve known for over 50 years. And my friend up north and I have been friends about 15 years. I love these people. They love me. Because of them, I never feel alone. And the lovely thing is, I have more. More friends up north, more friends I have known for 50 years, more new friendships down here, and friends I’ve made on WP that I talk to on a regular basis. Not to mention my son, and my two sisters who are my rocks.

I am just so grateful that all these people are still part of my life. All the bumps and bruises you get in life, to have good friends who always stand by you is amazing. Just giving a shout out to those people, who make my life rich and full. Blessed, just blessed.

Love and light.

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