Ending the Day with some Music

Yes, I stayed off FB all day. Wasn’t even tempted. I’ve learned to just stay away from things that cause me agita. Or pain. Or angst. FB gave me all of those things. I’m familiar with being triggered. Not sure I’ll go back on tomorrow. Not sure I’m ready.

I got a back and neck massage. My neck and back are better, not good yet. I have a terry cloth wrap that has inserts that are bags filled with buckwheat and lavender. You heat the bags in the microwave, and then insert them back in the wrap and wrap it around your neck. It’s lovely. It’s wrapped around my neck.

When I got done, I drove straight to the waterfront and took about a mile and a half walk. It was so warm, and clear and sunny. Tuesdays there is a fresh market in the center of town. Lots of handmade goods, home grown veggies, cheese. Tons of vendors. And now that we are “in season” lots of tourists.

When I got home my friend who sings, mostly blues and jazz came over for a few minutes. We ran to Dollar General for her to get some dog food. I was playing Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa on the car stereo through my phone. My friend was trying to think of some new music she could arrange for the house band to play at open mic night. She had not heard the Beth Hart song, Tell Her You’re Mine, before. I played another she didn’t know, this one with Bonamassa, I’ll Take Care of You. She got very excited at the prospect of singing one of them at open mic night. She’s such a fabulous blues singer, and these are in her range. Especially the second one. It is such a good song, and I’m of the mind to put it up here tonight for your listening enjoyment.  The guitar riff by Bonamassa at the end is amazing.  Love and light everyone.

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