Another Quiet Day

Today was another pretty quiet day, purposefully. I got on FB for awhile, but the same thing happened, I just got too angry, too upset, and knew I wasn’t quite ready to deal with all the stuff that was happening. Immediately my neck tightened up and was killing me. I did join the group my bff from CT started called Voices in Unity. The main purpose it to meet to complete the 10 actions in 100 days. But they also are monitoring all the situations as best they can, like the DeVos nomination, and making suggestions for actions we can take. I hope there are 1000’s of these groups forming.

Tonight I had a meeting of the Veterans Art Center that I’m going to be the treasurer of . They are having a huge fundraising event on March 25. They’ll be showing all the vets art, for sale. They will have live music, and food, and kids entertainment, bake sale, and lots more that I’m not even aware of. I am learning so much about networking, and how this stuff gets done. The group of people who are doing the work are very dedicated. I have to admit I feel a bit out of my element. Most of the volunteers have real ties to vets, and I have none. I have no military background. It will be a learning curve for me.

I met one of the vets tonight, who is fully disabled with PTSD. He is a wonderful artist. I could feel the pain he deals with, and also that of one of the key players, the volunteer coordinator. They’ve been through some stuff….real stuff. I don’t think it’s unlike how I feel about tRump to a much lesser degree than their stuff. But I still get how it feels, to have something trigger terrible emotions you think you left behind. It’s a little scary for me, when it happens to me. I can’t imagine what these men (and women) have gone through. But fact is, the art is therapeutic for them. The art center is a model for the country, and I hope it’s successful.

I talked to L today for a long time, for about an hour. I still like him a lot, but this is hard to get to know someone over the phone. He’s very involved in what he’s doing, trying to set it up right for his kids, and advise them. I guess I am kind of his sounding board. But I didn’t feel like I could tell him how upsetting what’s happening to our country is to me, there’s no way he could understand because he doesn’t know me well enough yet. He can know me, but not until we are together. I don’t want to talk about it over the phone. I feel like I’m holding back, and I am, and it’s not my nature. But it’s the way it has to be right now. It will be nice when we can spend some time together, but that won’t be til after my younger sister goes back home. Still, I can wait. I have plenty to occupy my time, with my sister coming, and trying to get the house finished.

It was a good day. I had some peace, and some happiness, and a new experience with the vets art center. I don’t even know what tRump was up to today. I’ll wait til tomorrow to find out. I’m happy in my bubble for the night. Maybe I’ll have a nice happy dream.

Love and light….

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