The World Is Still A Beautiful Place

Such a nice night at the open mic night. It was warm, and many good friends, and laughter, oh, the laughter. The music was wonderful. My close friend that I always sit with was back this week, he wasn’t there last week. We caught up, I told him how crazy and upset I had gotten over what was going on in this country. I told him why I get so triggered by it. He is such a good friend. He listens intently to me, he asks me questions, he admonishes me to not let it ruin my outlook on the world. I am so grateful for his presence in my life. To be treated that way, by a man, is such a gift.

He sang early. He always sings old ballads, like Unforgettable, that kind of song. He has this rich velvet voice, perfect for the songs he sings. Tonight, and probably from now on, there were lots of newcomers, snowbirds. Tourists, who are having dinner there, and watch the show. When my friend sang, not a soul was talking. Everyone was listening to him, it was so amazing. I was so happy for him. He came back to the table after and I took his hand and told him he was fabulous. (As did everyone else.)

I sat with a woman I have sat with before, but tonight I found out she’s as passionate as me about what’s going on. She’s an actress, taught acting for many many years. Now considers herself a sculptor. But so interesting. Anyway, we promised each other if we hear of a protest we will contact the other and we’ll go.

My two friends that I go regularly to the open mic night with came over to my house after it was over, and we talked for about a half hour, unwinding. I shared my chocolate, lol.

Feel so blessed to have found a home here, to live here, to have started making a life here that is so rich and full. I have felt such a darkness cast over us all since last weekend and the outrageous acts of our government, but tonight I remembered that the world is still a beautiful place.

Love and light…

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