Ahhh, Sleep. Beautiful Sleep

For almost 2 weeks I’ve been able to sleep without a sleep aid. I mean sleep well, 8 hours, waking up only once or twice and being able to get right back to sleep. It’s amazing.

Why the sudden change? A lot of reasons I suppose. I removed the drama from my life. That was usually the main thing on my mind when I’d wake up and be unable to get back to sleep for hours. All the questions about what was going on, why things were the way they were. Stupid. Absolutely unnecessary.

And then, retirement. I believe I’ve finally adjusted to the fact that I’m retired. My psyche has calmed down. No big responsibilities. No boss to report to. Knowing my day, each day is my own. To a certain extent, lol. Like today, my handyman said he was coming at 8 am to finish my dryer vent and a few other things. So, ok I had to be dressed by 8, lol. He’s in the attic as I write this and I’m sipping my 2nd cup of coffee.

I often, often wonder how I managed to do what I used to do. Work a good 45 hours each week. Take care of a big house. Go out with my friends on a regular basis (though not like I do now, lol). But still… Now if I have a dr appointment during the day that’s my only commitment, lol. I’ve finally scheduled an eye exam that the dr has been telling me to do for 3 years. It’s supposed to be annual when you’re diabetic. Now it’s covered by my insurance, so I’ll go. I’m glad I made a dentist appointment for last week, or I’d be dying from the infection in my gum right now. It was bad last night, but is better this morning. I’ll schedule the oral surgery for after my younger sis leaves next week.

I have committed to taking care of myself better. I’m walking a mile or two at least 4 times a week. Not drinking (or other things) much. Committed to doing the things I’m passionate about. Writing, creating. And still finishing up getting this house the way I want it.

Sleep is a wonderful thing. I had forgotten what it was like, really, to feel rested each morning when I wake up. Even tRump isn’t keeping me up, though he did give me nightmares. There are probably more of those to come.

It’s like Elizabeth Gilbert said in the physics of the quest, the truth is not being withheld from me.Β Β  So I can finally sleep.

Love and light, everyone.

3 responses to “Ahhh, Sleep. Beautiful Sleep

  1. Jealous and happy for you at the same time πŸ˜‰ oh but wait right NOW I am not so jealous, cause am sipping a Mojito in the Caribbean lol 😁 And I too am trying to be more healthy now. Went up early and swimmed hard and fast for like 15-20 min in the big pool here. Doesn’t sound much to some ppl but for one who is completely unfit, it is an achievement. πŸ™‚ let us continue this good path of self care. Hugs πŸ˜πŸŒΈπŸ’™

    • Yay you! It’s easier when the weather is gorgeous isn’t it! I love mojitos! You make me want to go get the stuff to mdid one! Yes, let’s encourage each other. It’s way easier to put the past behind us if we feel good. Also easier for me to deal with the insanity in my country. 😁😊🍹

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