I’ve always called coincidences coinsigndences, because I don’t believe in coincidences, and have found most of them to be a sign of something. It’s a word that I borrow from an old friend of mine. Some of them I can read in advance now, like getting all of S’s energy last week, and knowing it meant I would hear from him.

In my last blog I mentioned that I thought it might be nice to call my ex and let him know how well my son was doing. I said that first I would talk to my son, because it’s his news. He called me this morning and said, sure, he didn’t care if I told his dad. He didn’t want to talk to him, but was ok with me telling him.

I still did not decide. It takes a lot to deal with his father in a conversation and I have to be ready for it, to be silent with his “alternative facts” and just let him believe them, because to do otherwise will just end in an argument. I am not up for that scene with him. But still, it might me a kind thing for me to do, to get him up to date on our son.

I talked to both my sisters about my younger sisters upcoming visit, and to

my bff in CT just to catch up, and then went to Walmart to get a few things for my sister’s visit. While I was there, the dogs started barking on my phone. That’s my ex’s ringer. I chose not to take the call in Walmart, since there were like 1000 people in there, getting ready for Superbowl. I let it go to voice mail. He asked me to call him, and told me he was really tired, he’d been working on his truck and didn’t know how he was gonna work out of that mess…Then said he just figured he’d call me because he said he would.

This is what I mean by alternative facts. I have not talked to him in over 4 months. He did not say he was going to call me, because he hasn’t talked to me to say that. This is the kind of stuff I have to sift through when I talk to him. A lot of bullshit, made up “alternative facts” which he absolutely believes to be true because he said it. (Told you he was a lot like tRump.)

Oh and the truck part. That was to let me know how broke he is, what terrible shape he is in. And you know, I’m supposed to feel guilty because I did not squander my portion of our estate. But he still thinks the entire estate was his, and I shouldn’t have gotten anything. Alternative facts.

When I got in the car to come home, I called him, but there was no answer. I left him a voice mail. Told him it was weird how I’d planned to call him today, and he called me. Told him I’d be around the rest of the day, to call me back. I don’t normally have a connection with him, on any level. But apparently there is something going on, or I would not have thought of calling him on the day he chose to call me, after not communicating since my son and I were in Colorado in the beginning of September.

It’s good to be aware that it’s a sign of something. It gives me a better read, allows me to stand back a little further when I do talk to him and observe more.

Last weekend it was S haunting me. This weekend my ex. My ex doesn’t really upset me, because I’ve never told him to leave me alone. Never asked him to please not contact me. S, yes, that made me mad, since I quite clearly had told him to leave me alone.

I’ll have to wait til I talk to my ex to find out what the coinsigndence is about this time. Maybe has something to do with the sale of my slip. His name was apparently never taken off the deed for it after the divorce was final, which was a bad oversight on the part of my atty. He probably wants some financial compensation for signing off on it. Because he’s so broke, and pathetic, lol, which was what the segue of the problems trying to fix his truck was about.

Ugh. Onward. Time to take a walk maybe. Love and light, all.Coin

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