Curing Writer’s Block

I’ve had a little writers block lately. Writing blogs and not publishing them. Writing them, publishing them, then deleting them. Been a little weird. I took a walk today, trying to kind of do a walking meditation. Just observe the thoughts that came up while walking. Funny, I got a handle on it…

I think I’ve been feeling censored, again. Not writing what I really feel, because I don’t want to put that energy out there. It was only temporary anyway. I worked my way through it and am feeling more myself tonight. There’s more detail in my other blog, simply because I needed it to get out there.

So today, besides take a walk, I hung a full length mirror I bought the other day. And a rack to hang coats on. Which I’m going to put my own coats on, lol, since so far no one has ever worn a coat here. My closet will be less crowded.

I made some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies this afternoon. Which was probably stupid, lol, because actually I have Christmas cookies still frozen. But I forgot about them, until I took the fresh ones out of the oven. I made them to take to my sisters, because she never has any sweets in the house. Oh well, lol.

I haven’t heard from L in 4 days. It seems weird after talking every day. No idea what’s up with that. He could be just really busy, he could have looked me up on FB and decided I’m too liberal. I could text him but don’t feel like it. I figure, no matter how busy he is, it takes about 30 seconds to text me and say hello. So I went back on the dating site. L has not put his pictures back up. So maybe he’s just clueless. I’ll reconsider if I hear from him again.

As soon as I logged back on, I got a message, AGAIN, from Tim, the one I cut loose after the 2nd date. Saying, “OK, that answers that. No response necessary.” Referring to his email inquiring as to my status. I blocked him. I mean, seriously? It’s none of his f’n business. Like S used to say, what are you writing a book? Does he not get it? That’s 3 messages he’s sent, that I’ve not responded to. But I don’t want a 4th. Gonna force him to move on. I blocked his phone too. Haven’t blocked his email, but if he emails me again, I will. God, he’s dense. I dodged a bullet with that one by trusting my gut.

So excited to see my little sis tomorrow. The weather is going to be perfect….75-80 all week, except maybe one day, it will be 70. So happy about that. She can’t wait to get to the beach. Guess all 3 of us are beach bums, lol. Yesterday I decorated my deck and yard with a few things my older sis gave me for Christmas. I need to get lights to wrap around the tree. But it’s looking nice out there. I got 4 nice chairs to sit in out there.

I’ve got a new Amazon Prime series lined up to start tonight. Last night I watched the Superbowl, until it went to OT. Not a Pats fan, not happy the Falcons gave it up in the last quarter. I don’t even really like football, lol.

Onward….love and light.

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