I often have said I write like an obsessed madwoman, but this poem by The Darkest Fairytale explains it better!

The Darkest Fairytale

Writing isn’t a choice
It’s a part of you,
Tattooed into the DNA
Printed onto every organ
It’s a passion born to stay.
Writers lead two lives,
One in reality
The other on paper,
You are the lead roles
Aswell as the editor.
It’s an addiction
A drug you can’t forget
Armed with words,
Fantasies and hope
Embedded into ink,
From every breath
To every sunset.
It’s a beauty yet a curse
From the life you lead
To the life you dream,
The thoughts explode
From every seam.
It’s a parallel world
A portal of art,
Mirrored into your life
Scripted into your heart.
And as the author
You’ll live & experience
Everything twice.


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