Just a Few Thoughts This Morning

Today my little sister comes from Texas for a week’s visit. I cannot wait to have her loving presence here. She is undoubtedly one of the most loving people I’ve ever known. She had 5 children, has 3 grandkids, and would give the shirt off her back for any one. I say she had 5 children, because we lost her second child, second daughter in an auto accident 13 years ago. But we all know she is still around, I guess I can say, she still has 5 children.

But not only is she loving but so funny. And SHE can make me belly laugh, she can make me hysterical. We will have so much fun this week, the three of us together. I can hardly wait. She is just what I need, with all the lamenting I’ve been doing about wanting someone to make me laugh.

I finally broke down and texted L this morning. I kind of just want to know if I should let go of that possibility or not. He hasn’t put his pictures back up on the dating site, he might be really busy. Maybe he thought my sis was already here, and he didn’t want to bother me. Who knows. Never one to sit and ponder and go around on things, I just sent him a quick text saying I hoped he was ok. Let a resolution come, one way or the other.

I guess it’s my aggressive Aries nature, lol. To get to the point and stop wasting my time wondering. Life is too short. One think I know, is that not getting an answer is an answer in and of itself. Inaction is also an action.

I am about to shut down my profile again. I don’t really want the distraction of it while I’m with my family. I want to stop even thinking about men, to be honest.

My ex has not called me back yet. This is his game too, not unlike S, to get me curious and then disappear, just to fuck with me. I am practiced with my ex at letting it go, (and come to think of it, with S now too…) knowing it is, in his head, some major drama he has made up. I am pretty sure it’s about the quit claim on my boat slip, and I will need to talk to my atty about that. I am one of those clients that atty’s like, because I just let her do the work, and then sign where I need to. LOL. Of course, that was not true when my son’s future was at stake, and he was living with his dad. Because I knew no one could really comprehend the dynamic of that relationship but me. Once I knew my son was safe, I pretty much relaxed and trusted in the universe to bring about a resolution for my highest good. For everyone’s, really, even though my ex did not take it that way.

I don’t think I have any unruly children in my head at the moment. It was good to let all that out yesterday. It’s always amazing to me how once you acknowledge your emotions they are so much easier to deal with. They really will make you sick if you bury them.

Off to get one last good cleaning of my floors etc, before my sister comes. I may not be posting as much while she’s here, but who knows, I may be posting as normal. We have basically perfect weather coming this week, so I know we’ll be at the beach and in the pool and the hot tub a lot. Laughing.

Love and light.

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