Chillin’ With My Sisters

I had such a wonderful day today with my sisters. We got to my older sis’s house around 1. We ate and talked, and then went to the Beach Market up on the next island for awhile. I was pretty proud of myself, not spending any money there though. Last time I bought a ring there for $40…..

It was 82 today, and breezy, perfect. We spent a half hour in the pool swimming, and a half hour in the hot tub talking and having a drink. Then my little sis and I went to the beach for sunset, it was cloudy but still there was a rose gold haze over the horizon behind the clouds. And maybe 4 other people on the beach. It was beautiful. Just beautiful.

I am still as upset as ever at what’s going on in our country. Last night the senate silenced Elizabeth Warren….this is not the country I know. It is jaw-droppingly horrendous, how easily these people violate ideals which have created our great nation. Just blows my mind. I haven’t been on FB much today, probably won’t be for the next few, but still I’m on enough to catch a lot of information.

I’ve been hearing from L via text, yesterday and today. He’s been putting in some really long hours on his property to get it ready for inspection. I think we’ll still see each other when we are both back next week. I’m happy about that.

Short post tonight. Not too much to say. Just chillin’ with my sisters.

Love and light, all.

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