Sunrise to Sunset: Perfection

Today was just about as perfect as they come. Weather-wise, company wise, spending of time-wise….

After sitting around having coffee, the three of us dressed and walked down to the beach and on the beach for awhile. It was breezy, so we actually had breakers today. Usually it’s so calm the water just rolls up the sand and back on the gulf. The day was clear and warm.

We came back and ate. Then we all put on bathing suits, and went outside to read and catch some sun, for about an hour or so. As the sun started heading down, around 4, we got in the pool and actually worked out for about a half hour. Then the hot tub, and a glass of wine, it was heavenly! Laughter, and love, not much more to ask.

We got out and got dressed to go down and watch sunset on the gulf. I saw, when I was back in my room, L had texted me a couple of times. He’s done with his heavy work, and wrapping it up there. He’s coming home Saturday I think, but I won’t see him til next week. Anyway, it was really nice to hear from him. We texted back and forth a bit.

We watched sunset, and ate dinner at our favorite restaurant on the beach, The Beach House. Great food and a great view of the gulf. The sunset was magnificent, as you can see.


Now we are all sitting around, too full to move, checking our email, etc. All of us are so happy the appellate court upheld the lower courts ruling on the immigration ban. Some semblance of sanity is coming back, even if only a teeny part. It’s awesome.

Perfect day…just perfect.

I’m feeling a little guilty putting up my pics on FB, lol. All my friends back home got a 18” of snow today. Blizzard. They are not happy with me, lol.

Life is wonderful. Love and light, all.

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