Feelin’ the Love

It was another wonderful day yesterday. We went to a beach market, to a French creperie for lunch and had some decadent crepes, then on to the beach with my little sister to just be there. It was a picture perfect day, high 70’s, light breeze. The sea was calm and we walked a long ways, gathering shells for my sis to take home. We both found sand dollars, which is like the prize, lol. When we came back, it was into the pool, or hot tub. My sister’s friend from across the street came over and joined us, and we had a glass of wine, sitting in the hot tub, talking and laughing. My sis made an incredible dinner of sea scallops, truffle pasta, and veggies. Really, it doesn’t get any better than this, ever……

We watched Michael Moore’s new movie, “Where to Invade Next” on Amazon Prime last night. It’s a good movie….a documentary. He goes to a number of other countries, and “invades” them, himself. And steals ideas to take back here. Like Italy, where they get 8 weeks paid vacation a year, and 5 months paid maternity leave, and long 2 hour lunch breaks, and their productivity is high, and people are happy. He goes to, which has an equal rights amendment for women, written into their constitution, to guarantee the equality and rights of women. In a Muslim country. He goes to France, where lunch time is a class for kids. They eat gourmet food, they have a chef. 4 course nutritionally balanced meals. They learn about nutrition, and sitting down at the table, and good manners, and appreciating food. He goes to Germany, where they teach the students real history, not whitewashed, not fake history. They own up to their forbears mistakes and horrors, so that they don’t repeat them. There were many more, Iceland, Norway, Portugal….

It was not about how all these countries are better than the US, it was about really, how all these ideas stemmed from things here, and then were just forgotten. It’s about how in all those countries, people said, “We have to take care of each other.” It’s just a wonderful movie that makes you think. I woke up this morning thinking maybe all the smaller brothers and sister countries in the world will help us save us from ourselves these days. We are in our dark place now, and we so need a light to shine on our government to get them to stop engendering hate. It made me hopeful that we can rise, as a nation, again.

Today is the last day I will spend with both my sisters. My younger sis goes back tomorrow afternoon. God, I will miss her. I will go back to my normal life, which, come to think of it, is awesome, lol. I”ve been on vacation from my permanent vacation. I have an eye exam this week, a dental exam, a meeting of the Veterans Art Center board, and maybe a date with L, when we both are back in town. Open mic night Thursday night. It’s going to be a good week.

Oh…and both my sisters followed my blog via email.  Those don’t show in my stats, so didn’t show on my count, but they were my 500th and 501st followers!  Awesome!

Love and light, everyone.

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