It’s Nice To Be Home

I’m home. My little sister is on her way back to Texas, and my older sis is resuming her life, as I am mine. I loved being at my sisters with my sisters, as you know. But now, it is good to be home. As my little sis packed this morning, I had to talk to myself, to remember I only needed to get everything into the car to drive home, not into a suitcase that would require proper packaging for a plane. So here I am, on my deck. I got home, unpacked, blew the leaves off the deck, threw in a load of laundry and am just out here enjoying the wonderful air, and peace of sitting on my own deck under the banyan tree, and the palm. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Well, I suppose if I had a significant other here with me, that would be nice, I’d like that. But I’m good as it is, right now. I have a budding relationship that may or may not turn into something. I’m good with the present moment. Very content.

Tomorrow, I have a back massage around noon, and a meeting for the Veteran’s Art Center tomorrow evening. At some point between now and tomorrow evening, I need to write a brief resume to let the board members know why I am qualified to be their treasurer. It’s not a formal resume, just something for them to put in the file to prove I was vetted in some way. That won’t take much time.

So, back to my life. My simple, rich, full life. Grateful. Just grateful for it.

Love and light.It

5 responses to “It’s Nice To Be Home

  1. Glad you made it home safely and that your sister was able to fly out with no issues. So good to read the happiness in the lines, Deb.

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