It’s Nice To Be Home

I’m home. My little sister is on her way back to Texas, and my older sis is resuming her life, as I am mine. I loved being at my sisters with my sisters, as you know. But now, it is good to be home. As my little sis packed this morning, I had to talk to myself, to remember I only needed to get everything into the car to drive home, not into a suitcase that would require proper packaging for a plane. So here I am, on my deck. I got home, unpacked, blew the leaves off the deck, threw in a load of laundry and am just out here enjoying the wonderful air, and peace of sitting on my own deck under the banyan tree, and the palm. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Well, I suppose if I had a significant other here with me, that would be nice, I’d like that. But I’m good as it is, right now. I have a budding relationship that may or may not turn into something. I’m good with the present moment. Very content.

Tomorrow, I have a back massage around noon, and a meeting for the Veteran’s Art Center tomorrow evening. At some point between now and tomorrow evening, I need to write a brief resume to let the board members know why I am qualified to be their treasurer. It’s not a formal resume, just something for them to put in the file to prove I was vetted in some way. That won’t take much time.

So, back to my life. My simple, rich, full life. Grateful. Just grateful for it.

Love and light.It

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