Winding Up the Weekend

Lying in bed, my last night at my older sis’s. My two sisters are still watching TV, but I just wanted to lie down. I’m in bed, with the lap top on my bent knees, listening to my music on my phone.

Tomorrow we’ll leave around 11, get home by noon. I’ll take my little sister out for lunch, and then we’ll head for the airport. It’s been such a joy, to be together again for a week. We’ve never spent this much time together, just three of us. It’s been easy, happy. Perfect weather. I’m sad to see her go, I’m ok with going home, because I know I’ll be back soon. It’s only an hour away. I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate this week.

Had a nice little texting chat with Lou tonight. He was home, and getting ready to go to Orlando. Apparently he’ll be gone for about a week more, there, and to Daytona, and to the Kennedy Space Center, with his old high school friends. We talked about it, and will see each other when he gets back. He said, please be patient with me. Sweet, but no problem. He told me about this, but since we are so new to each other, I didn’t realize it was for a week, but I hope he has fun! He’s just a nice guy….he said he’d keep in touch from there.

Well I was sneezing like crazy tonight, I’m allergic to something down here. Anyway, took a Benadryl to stop the itching, and now I’m falling asleep, lol.

Love and light, all.

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