A Quiet, Lovely Afternoon

My eyes have recovered. Still slightly blurry but there’s not a glow around every light. Last time I had that done it was nighttime, lol. Stupid. Had to drive 22 miles home, in the night with dilated eyes. That was fun.

Close work, like reading, or making jewelry is possible with my eyes like that, so I made jewelry and caught up a bit on blogs. An old necklace I’d made for my sister broke and she brought it with her so I could fix it. So, first I fixed that necklace, then I began to design a necklace for a silent auction that will benefit the veterans art center.

It was good to use that part of my brain for a few hours.

I had a nice long text convo with L, he initiated it. He sent me another pic, posing with Snoopy the Astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center. He made me laugh out loud, for real. Put a huge smile on my face and I told him so. It made him happy to know. He said they were having a lot of fun, he looked really happy in the picture. I really love that he has lots of friends, old friends, and that they hang out together like I do with my girlfriends.

Chased away any niggles I was having earlier in the day. Did a little reset of my attitude.

I heard the wind blowing hard, and thought I heard it raining. I looked out my kitchen window and the street that runs by the corner was dry, so I thought, “oh well, it didn’t rain.” Then I went back to my desk to work on the jewelry, and looked out that window, at the street that my house is on (I’m on a corner), and it was wet, but the side street still was not, lol. Then it thundered really loud and started pouring, so it soon was wet everywhere. It’s exciting news here when it rains, lol, at least right now. And everyone is glad because there’s a huge brush fire in more central FL, Polk County and it’s not under control. They evacuated a bunch of people. So, rain is really good, but chances are it won’t last as long as they need. 1600 acres.

I found a huge palmetto bug in my kitchen by the door this morning. I took a pic of it, but think it’s too creepy to post, lol. Anyway, I opened the door to my deck and swept it outside. To my horror, when it flipped over onto it’s feet, it ran away! It had been alive! UGH!!! Scary fuckers!! God I hate those things. I guess I need new traps, lol. (She shivers…….)

I am planning a good dinner tonight, using the spices I got the other day at the spice shop in Sarasota. Salmon, rice, some veggies. Guess I should get busy, lol.

Love and light, all.

One response to “A Quiet, Lovely Afternoon

  1. Phew, I for one am relieved the niggle has gone! 😉 ❤

    L sounds exactly what you need right now. Your gift from the Universe!

    Aaaaahhhhh…I just Googled palmetto bugs. If I came across that, I think you'd have heard me screaming all the way from there! How do you bait them? What are the traps made of? We have regular cockroaches here in Egypt – foul, disgusting creatures, I seem to forever be going round with a can of Raid.

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