Blurry Vision Thoughts

I had an eye exam this morning, my first in maybe 4 years. Not good, if you’re diabetic, not to do it annually. But I had crappy insurance in CT. Now my insurance covers the exam, 100%. So, I’m sitting here, with real blurry vision from having my eyes dilated. I can read, but distance is ridiculous. I’d thought I would go walking down on the waterfront when I was done, but I think I’ll wait awhile and see if it wears off some. It’s awful bright out.

My eyes are fine. There is no evidence of diabetes in my eyes. I have minor cataracts, which the dr said are not ready to come out yet. She said everyone gets them. But you know me, I’m gonna look them up in Louise Hays book and see what I can do about them. I have a few other natural healing books I can check too. Overall….one eye is 20/30, one eye is 20/25. I only use readers, and the dr. gave me a prescription to correct the very slight issue I have, but I won’t get them. I can even read my phone without glasses. I just need readers when I read a lot.

I heard from L this morning. I am anxious today, for his return, which won’t be til next week. But it’s just a passing phase anyway. I’m fine, and it’s really nice that he stays in touch when he hardly knows me. I’ll probably make jewelry this afternoon, since close work seems best, less blurry. I told the Veterans Art Center I would make something for their silent auction. I have an idea what to make.

There’s something niggling (thank you for that word, Megan) at me today. I suppose it’s just a simple “what if”, playing with me. I know it will pass, it’s just an old habit, and I won’t do anything to find out “what if”, anyway. “What if” always becomes “WTF, Why did I do that?” LOL.

I ordered my shed for my back yard. Now I have to find out about getting a permit for it. I think there was one previously, as there’s electricity to the pad, and a breaker for it. I think it’s $15 for the permit. I’ll find out when I go drop off my Homestead Act paperwork. Once that’s up, I will be done with all the major things I needed for this house. More time for writing, jewelry, the vets. Maybe L……..

I also ordered twinkle lights to string around my banyan tree. Now if I could figure out how to deal with the bugs, I’ll have a nice place to sit on my deck in the evening. Especially with March approaching when the weather here is so perfect most of the time. Not that it hasn’t been this winter. Been in the 70’s most days, nights in the 50’s, sometimes low 60’s. Still wearing shorts, or skorts, most days.

Life just rolls on. Easy, laid back. Have a bunch of functions for the vets art center next week. Not sure if I’ll make them all, because L will be home. I’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

Love and light, all.

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